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"King Arthur" Drabble

Marilyn mistressmarilyn posted a lovely drabble this morning. Though I'm no longer a member of the community where it's been shared, I had to go there, read and comment... (If you're an Arthur/Lancelot slash fan, you might want to do the same!)

Easter weekend is finally here! The long-forbidden scent of chocolate is in the air. (grin)

(Yes, I love Cadbury eggs! Why do you ask?)

But we've got places to go and things to do today.

And we plan to spend part of tomorrow at the office working. Today wasn't good for that, as most the staff was planning to go in to work. That would mean Marilyn would be constantly interrupted by people, as is generally true during any normal working day. (It's impossible to express how many times she's consulted during even one day at work. It's incredible. Yesterday I wanted to ask her one small thing and I was in line to try and do so! I finally gave up when it was clear she'd be tied up for ages...)

I remember years ago when I took on a project for a friend and spent all of Easter Day working on it! I found that pretty outrageous at the time. But in general I don't mind working any holiday -- even a religious one.

Which brings me to the next post I intend to write, reflecting on religion. (I do that all the time, privately, but now and then I do it more publically, too...)

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