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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Day Before the Parade -- Kind of Rough, Actually 
First off, I've said it many, many times: There are no totally bad days. There were good things today.

And nobody we love was seriously hurt (or worse) today -- which certainly could have happened. When bad things happen I think it's a good idea to remember how much worse they might have been!

It's a FULL MOON right now -- and you could certainly tell, anyway...

I was home doing website edits this morning. Marilyn had planned that either she -- or Adeena -- would come to get me in plenty of time for the 2:00 Grand Floral Parade rehearsal over at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Adeena was on her way. I was entirely ready to go. Dressed and groomed and packed up and waiting. Then I got a call from Adeena that she'd been in an accident on Lombard (very close by, in other words). She was driving down the street and a woman pulled out of a parking lot into her.

As I said, the good news is that Adeena is fine -- or as fine as you can be after being in an accident. Her mother came immediately to help her. They went through insurance and took Adeena to a nearby clinic to be checked out. And finally got the car towed. Nor was the other driver harmed. For any car accident, that's the best you can hope for, I suppose...

But Adeena told me she thought her car was totaled. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Marilyn had to go to the 2:00 meeting -- so I had to remain here at home. I stayed on the phone with Adeena when I could. She was remarkably calm and dealt with it very well, I thought.

But that was it for today for Adeena -- which goes without saying. So I heard that Rich had filled in for her this evening setting up for the Grand Floral Walk in the morning.

This was a busy, busy day and there's lots more I could share. But I won't, as I'm in a hurry. (smile) Rich and I finally got our weekend PR/News item out (quite a chore for the interruptions!). And I'm sure I'm forgetting much more.

I spoke to Sue B. who said everything was set up to replace Adeena today and tomorrow. The plan is for her to stay home and watch the parade on TV (she can tell us how it looks later).

And as I said to Adeena, the show goes on. We joke about it, but it's true. Nothing stops us from doing our job and putting on the parade -- the largest single day event in the Pacific Northwest.

Marilyn was interviewed this morning, but I missed seeing it on TV (darn!). But I did see two other stories on the parade -- both were good.

Marilyn didn't get home until past 9:00 -- not normal for the night before the parade!!! But without me there to help it went slower for her. Poor thing. I felt bad to be here at home!

Here's an interesting aside. Both Marilyn and I had premonitions that something negative might happen today. Not details or anything like that. Marilyn is especially psychic (and always has been). We've both had some experiences in our life. Our grandmother (Dad's mother) was very psychic. Anyway, I had a strong feeling that I couldn't shake well before this happened...

And then you feel guilty. But it's hard to act on a feeling like that. I never said a word until Marilyn mentioned her own feeling! Still, I keep saying that things could have been much worse. We should count our blessings, for sure!

Mark was helping move mini-floats today! I think it's awesome that he's doing that. He's such a good guy!

We figured out our GFP tickets today. Cousin Linda of course is going (she always does!). And Larry and sister Sue (his mom) are, too. Candy is not (she had asked for four tickets at one point). Jan and Bob had another commitment. June and Jim had another commitment. Shari is going (a group of six). Donn isn't going, but Denise is going -- she ended up having her own tickets. (Donn must have ordered them, even though he didn't remember it!) We got Chalet tickets for Rob and Jeff and three relatives. I guess that's it for 2017! It's nice to have friends and family attend when they can, but there have been years when almost no one did -- so this is a good year.

Well, time to get to bed -- it's nearing midnight and we'll need to be up very soon!

Good thoughts and prayers for Adeena are appreciated.

And good thoughts and prayers for the Grand Floral Parade (and Marilyn and me) are very much appreciated, too!

Sweet dreams of wonderful parades!

Rain or no rain, the parade will go on and be delightful! Or I should say: Brilliant.
June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 10:56 am (UTC)
Hope things go well for you and the parade!
June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 11:14 am (UTC)
Do you have buses where you live? Or other transportation? It must be very frustrating to be stuck at home when you are so needed elsewhere.

I think I might have asked you before: Have you ever considered learning to drive? It might be a life changer for you. Think of the independence you could have. Also, the flexibility.
June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 11:17 am (UTC)
You must have a lot of patience. I am so impatient that I could not wait for someone else to get me somewhere, I guess I envy you that. I could use more patience.