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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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This and That... 
summer 2007, roses 2007
I guess I wasn't clear yesterday about Marilyn. She might be a tad under the weather (actually fighting a bug), but she's mainly dealing with a flare-up of her IBS. (She's IBS-D, while I'm IBS-C. I've been having a bit of a time, too -- but my situation doesn't make it impossible to go out in public...)

It's nearly 3:00 a.m. and we've got "Rosemary's Baby" on in. We're sort of watching it, but I'm now blogging and Marilyn's in the shower. And I'm going to shower when she's done.

We both prefer to wash our hair late at night, rather than in the morning...

Marilyn had a lot going on, of course, today. Including the Coronation Rehearsal. I did some website stuff, but nothing hard. I'm still making notes as I go along about the website. I want to keep track of some new things I've figured out to do there. (smile) It just keeps getting more the way I like it all the time. (grin)

At the party last Friday, Brit brought up our 'manual' again. Hahaha. Well, yes. I make notes constantly. I'm not sure anybody else outside of the festival needs these, though. Our website is done with a WordPress template, yes, but it's very customized for our use...

I've turned on "Rosemary's Baby" here in the office -- and it just did something weird! It froze, then went backwards several minutes before starting to play again.

Today was muggy again. Ugh. I was sweating like mad much of the day. It wasn't hot enough most of the day to run the AC. Just hot enough to be uncomfortable.

I did my pills today. I found a couple of supplements that I hadn't been taking because I thought I was out of them! I keep all my 'current' pill bottles in the bathroom in the 'medicine cabinet.' It's small, so I'm not able to keep everything there. So in my bedroom I have a drawer where I keep 'overflow' pills. If I have an unopened bottle of something, I put it there until I'm ready to use it. For whatever reason, I hadn't looked there lately, so I found Turmeric and a couple other things. Supplements, not my prescription meds. It takes me AGES to do my weekly pills. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true...

I had bad leg cramps again last nights. I guess I'm going to increase my salt intake, as I mentioned before. Whatever might help. I hydrate like crazy. Drink water with electrolytes. Stretch. Walk less. Walk more. Use my Hyland's pills. Nothing much seems to help (but thank God for the Hyland's pills when I'm in the middle of cramps).

Adeena picked me up a couple of things while she was at Fred Meyer's today -- wasn't that nice?

And I did the garbage and recycling (real garbage week). Except for the cat boxes (until much later).

Remember Arm & Hammer Slide (kitty litter)? I love it!!! It's been excellent, so far.

Time to go and shower now. Good night!
June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 11:11 am (UTC)
Hope all goes well!