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Junior Parade Day -- Marilyn is Sick...

It was a very busy day again (of course). We got a lot of things done while many people in the office were on site for the Junior Parade in Portland's Hollywood District.

Marilyn and I just came hurriedly home from an event (we had to leave in the middle) because Marilyn got sick there, poor thing. I guess if we're going by the concept that everything happens for a reason, it might have been a sign that she needed to come home and rest. That event probably had another hour (or far more) to go. And even though we love attending, I guess we'll just rest for the remainder of the night, instead. Adeena left when we did -- leaving Jeff and Brett behind (both in their uniforms and ready to speak or help hand out awards if need be). This was the award ceremony of the International Youth Silent Film Festival tonight at the Hollywood Theatre.

Marilyn started the day with one of her biggest meetings of the year. Jessica was back today and in attendance. I was home. We had the Exchange down and I was on the phone with Kris for an hour. Anyway, he restarted things, so it was okay. So of course I wasn't ready to walk out the door when Marilyn came back for me! But I got ready pretty fast, if I do say so myself. I'd been starting to get ready when I ended up on the phone for ages with Kris, which was not a bad thing, by the way!

I got a call on the way to work from Kate -- our CoolerEmail was down. This happens every single year! I spent ages on it once we got to the office. Kate wanted to send today's eNewsletter at around 11:00-ish, and at 10:00 I was feeling like I'd never resolve it today! But we were back in business in plenty of time, happily.

Meanwhile, I had called Oliver -- not realizing he has nothing to do with Cooler anymore. He chatted with me for around 20-25 minutes, then I had to go! I also went back and forth with our friend Rob. Finally I just asked if I could have another Chalet pass for him and I got it, I'm pleased to say. Later Jeff came by to pick it up and got to say hi to both Marilyn and me!

Later in the day cousin Linda came by for her Grand Floral Parade tickets! So we both got to see her, too. And she got her tickets for Saturday...

After dealing with Cooler, I went on the Server and created a Profile for Sue B. I was going to put her on Annie's computer (between Allison and Tashae). But I get down there and there's no computer there! So I had to move Najib's computer there (he's been gone for ages now). I did a minimal setup of how we usually Profile people, as she'll only need the computer for a few days...

I talked to Braden and told him what a good job he'd done! And how much I'll miss him. He's such a nice, hardworking guy. (That was what I was talking about yesterday. He's done as of next week.)

I was doing more Server work -- and working on a map -- when Marilyn told me that we were going to the two float warehouses. Sue came back from Junior and she drove. We first went to Carla and Gary at the mini-float warehouse. Then out to Funtastic to see the other floats. The Court was there when we arrived, with Leslie.

It was a very muggy, miserable day! Ugh. I was dripping sweat by the time we returned to the office. We were there for a spell before getting ready to go to dinner before tonight's event.

I was doing website work. I figured out a way to get the Interactive Souvenir Program to display on mobile devices -- which it had not before.

Then Rich gave me the Junior Parade results to put up at the website, and I formatted those and posted them.

We went to the Hollywood District and found a place to park. Jeff and Brett (our president this year) were already there, waiting for us! Adeena joined us and we five had pizza and beer (Adeena had cider) for dinner -- Brett paid (wasn't that nice?). Then we headed to the event.

J.P. met us at the door and let us all in for free as his special guests. That was a nice change!

We got popcorn and stuff and went in and sat near the front as we always do. Jeremy was already there, and he joined us. We saw several films before Marilyn got quite sick. She disappeared at one point (I had no clue why, but should have guessed) -- then came back. And soon after took me out with her (and Adeena followed us).

Anyway, we're home now. She's been feeling just a bit under the weather for several days, but not giving in to it. She doesn't really have time to be sick just now.

I'm upstairs to change out of my sweaty clothes and get comfortable and blog. Then I'll head down to check on her.

We have a lot to do before Saturday, but it will all get done, I'm sure. Neither one of us is worried at all.

There was a lot of talk about 'what went wrong' with the Junior Parade. But Marilyn and I talked that over and we agree: Short of someone getting hurt (which didn't happen), this is a parade where things can't really go wrong. Aside from the first several entries and the various bands, there's no set order. And it doesn't matter much if the order gets mixed up. You end up with happy kids marching down the street and happy kids watching them -- and it's all good. It's a very laid back parade, really...

The fleet started to arrive today!

It started to rain tonight. But it's not that heavy. And maybe it will clear up some of the mugginess!

That's pretty much today, anyway. I'm sure I'm forgetting things. But every day seems like it goes on forever! And so many things are happening.

Sweet dreams, friends!
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