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Interesting Day...

No, I didn't go shopping in the afternoon, as originally planned. I went in to work to help Marilyn, who was suddenly swamped with work to do.

Jessica was in the hospital. I have no idea why, as she didn't tell anyone. Hopefully she'll feel better soon. In the meantime, all is well. Sue really jumped in and tackled things -- as did Marilyn! They are amazing to watch, I have to say.

Adeena and I helped Marilyn to assist Allison with the Junior Parade script. We were both really impressed with how Allison did today. She was under a ton of pressure, but really held it together. Marilyn bought her a plant to show her how happy she was with her.

Marilyn is great at script writing, of course. And I think Adeena is a really good script writer, too. I think we really ripped out the items that needed to be done -- then Allison quickly put everything together. It was a real team effort!

Sue and Adeena worked on the Walk -- that seemed to go really well, too.

I got my website work done. And Rich and I did our mid-week Press Release/News item. We'll do another one for the weekend, too.

Tomorrow is the Junior Parade. Suzanne is very excited about it. I hope it goes well.

I had a bad moment during the day that shocked and angered me. Actually, there were two moments that seemed to show a lack of respect. I'm sure I'll be over it by tomorrow. That's all I want to say about that.

Carla came in and joined us for the GFP PA Meeting in the late afternoon. It went amazingly well!!! One of the best ever, Marilyn and I both thought! Marilyn was great (as always), Carla did an excellent job, as did Sue. And I helped out here and there. (These people are wonderful volunteers and I enjoy interacting with them!)

So, Jeff and Marilyn talked and he stepped in to help dump a really exhausting project (with logos) that Marilyn and I do every year. What a break. He's saved us hours of work! And I don't think it was something that was ever reaching all that many people to begin with. I guess it was originally a sponsor obligation. I like this trend to change things that aren't the best use of time -- especially of Marilyn's time!!!

Marilyn and I stopped and shopped on the way home from work. Then we got McDonald's for dinner. And we had our raspberries for dessert. I guess we were eating around 9:30-ish... Yes, another long day.

Marilyn is asleep downstairs while I blog. I never heard how many steps she had for today. I got 7,400+, which wasn't bad at all.

My dear friend Charold brought in cake today! I missed her visit, but sent her an email. I think it's so sweet she does that every year! And talk about delicious cake! Yummy.

We have a lot to get done tomorrow. We usually can do exactly that, as much of the staff is out for the Junior parade, giving us quiet in the office to tackle tasks.

Jeff told me some sad news today. I'd share, but I think I'm one of the only people who knows, so I probably shouldn't say. Later... But I feel bad.

Angel's monitor is going out again. It might be the monitor, but maybe it's his graphics card. Donn will need to check it when he's in next.

Rob contacted me to tell me he was giving away his Chalet pass. He wanted to find out if he could use his Credentials that I gave him to view the parade on Saturday -- and the answer was no, not without a ticket! So I had to ask for another Chalet pass... Thankfully Carol gave me one.

I helped Marilyn clean out her GFP file box tonight. We'll need to put all that stuff in for 2017 tomorrow! She has her big meeting first thing in the morning (I never go it -- I think I've only ever been maybe twice -- years ago).

We're both VERY RELAXED about things. Yes, there's the possibility of bad weather (rain) on Saturday. But we've had rain before. Everything will be fine.

I can't believe how CALM we are. That's very nice. We're really busy, there's no doubt. But we know things will work out.

Marilyn and I watched an episode of "Diagnosis Murder" tonight. I like that show. Mainly, I like the characters...

Time for bed! Sweet dreams, friends.
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