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Marilyn Works -- I Stay Home (Until Nighttime)

I'm still really suffering with leg cramps. I started doing even more research. Get this: I probably need additional SALT in my diet to aid with these horrible cramps. Are you kidding me?

Well, I thought about it today, but my feet already seem somewhat swollen, so I just couldn't get myself to do it today. But it's clearly a balancing act. I need to reason it through.

Marilyn left me home and told me to rest. She was at work for hours, but finally had to come home as she'd been sick all day with her IBS, poor thing. And the office was full of people, so it wasn't easy to use the bathroom -- not good.

We both decided to SLEEP after she got home. I ended up with both cats sleeping with me! Colin even crawled under the covers at one point.

We got up and both showered and washed our hair, then headed to the office around 8:00 p.m.

Today was a crazy day in Portland, with major protests going on downtown. Such a mess. We're in the middle of the festival, and they're advising people not to come downtown!!! We had one of our big concerts going on in the RoZone. Happily the police kept the trouble AWAY from Waterfront park where CityFair was going on.

I was sure glad Marilyn came home safely!!! I was glad to see her out of downtown during the violence and potential danger...

Marilyn was reviewing and adding to the Grand Floral Parade script, which Kim has been working on. It needs to go to print shortly for the PA meeting on Tuesday.

I did some minor website stuff. I did walk into the park with Andre to get something to eat. I had the mac and cheese with pulled pork. I like Zandre so much! He's a great guy!

Marilyn and I left round 11:30-ish, getting home just past midnight. I just barely managed to get my 4,000 (4,116) steps today. Marilyn got 5,855.

Jeff's cell phone refuses to charge, so it's totally dead now! He promised to get it fixed in the morning. Yikes! Not good!

Can't think what I'm forgetting... Probably not important. Time for bed!

I did manage to do a couple of days of my pills, anyway, and take them.

And I need to give Henry his pill, of course. He's so good about taking it.

Happy days, friends, and sweet dreams.
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