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Starlight Parade Day

Marilyn and I are barely in the door -- I just peeled off my clothes. It's 1:30-ish. We didn't get away from the office until past 1:00 a.m., in other words...

Tonight was the Starlight Parade. The parade went smoothly and I was told there were huge crowds -- as always -- all along the route. (Christine and Zandre have been riding in the 'pace car' vehicle -- which is not really a pace car, but whatever -- for years. So they're good judges of the spectators on the route.) It looked great on TV and I think most of the entries made TV, too.

But we had a major issue with Porta Potties this year. Marilyn was involved in a huge and long meeting in advance of the parade with the people who provide the service. The rep used a map to carefully plot every single location of every unit. Then even figured out how far back from the actual street they'd be and which way the door would face to make it safe for everyone. But the formation area units weren't delivered. There were some 3,000 band members alone in formation needing to go (not to mention other entries). So Marilyn got together with Steven and pulled units from CityFair for formation. Meanwhile it appears the formation units got placed on the route for spectators -- not nearly enough of them. And they were on the pink honor line, meaning people were lining up in the street to use them. A big mess. We'll catch heck over this, but it was the fault of the porta pottie company and their failure to provide what had been carefully ordered in advance.

I think what speaks to our expertise as event specialists is the way we all managed to work as a team to fix the issue the best we could, under the circumstances. Marilyn was on the phone and texting people and meeting with people -- just doing everything within her power. It wasn't a perfect solution, but I guess it worked. We'll find out more, I'm sure, in the next several days.

There were no serious police-related incidents. No protests. No violence. Considering the state of world affairs, that's nearly a miracle. Everybody was safe and the parade was a success and enjoyable.

Rich and I banged out the results tonight -- he, for the media and me, for the website. Often we don't have these ready until the following day, so we're proud of our efforts.

Sue B. was amazing as the PIC (person in charge) of the parade -- everyone agrees about that! Marilyn was the one who asked Sue to come to town to do this job, and I think it was a brilliant decision.

We had our usual festival half hour overview show right before the parade aired, which was good, as always. I was able to reach June and Jim to watch it, but not Shari. Nor could I reach sister Sue. (I did try, at least.)

Cool thing: We hadn't set up to tape either show. But I was able to do that remotely (!!!) using my phone! Isn't that cool??? Now if you want to tape something you can easily set it up from wherever you happen to be. I think that's fabulous. I'd never done it before, so I was pleased I could reason it out!

Marilyn went in for Special Needs Day this morning. I love that event, but Marilyn absolutely wasn't allowing me near it this year. She's sure I got sick after that event last year -- and she's probably right (she usually is!!!). It's okay. I stayed home and did some stuff here...

We had a big meal of bacon, hominy and toast when she got home. At least, it seemed like a big meal to both of us! Hahaha. We eat a LOT LESS than we used to. And that was our only meal of the entire day.

We did snack on a couple of things in the office. Pepperoni sticks and chips. But that was it. And we drank some pop and water...

I had an important issue with the website I had to address, too. The CityFair ticket link was displaying on the Buy > Tickets page as EVENT COMPLETED -- even though it won't be over until next Sunday! It's too complicated to even begin to explain how it all works. WordPress is NOT all that easy to use, I'm telling you. Originally I thought I'd need Brit and David (and maybe Nate) from Fish to help me fix it -- but I'm happy to report I figured out FOR MYSELF today. And now we're good to go again! Hahaha.

Marilyn was disappointed with her steps. She only (only?) got 4,300+. As she said, it's far less than she's been getting for ages. But what can you do when you need to be in one spot to do your job? It makes it impossible to get steps... I got 5,100+ somehow. More than I expected, that's for sure. My left foot that I smashed last Thursday is still bothering me, but oh well.

Time for bed. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but oh well!

Sweet dreams, friends.
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