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Photo Share -- VIP Party -- Seether Concert

First off, I can't believe I never blogged on Wednesday!!! What??? This time of year I hate to forget to blog. So much happens every single day. And I would have SWORN I did blog (???), seeing as I can recall what I wrote! Very odd indeed. On that note...

Wednesday, May 31: Adeena and I ran our errand to Seaside, Oregon. Marilyn and I had ordered a case of Margarita bottles (watermelon) from Kevin -- and Adeena and I needed to go pick them up! On the way down we literally had to pull off the highway so I could code a piece of the eNewsletter for Kate. What a kick. (When it comes to coding, I've still got it!) While there, we went to see the ocean, of course! But we also went to the Antique Mall, where in the vintage clothing we found a mink stole and I bought it to wear to the VIP Party -- where the theme was Old Hollywood! I also bought new sunglasses -- my first pair in years! -- at Riteaid there. (Gosh, I so remember typing all this previously.) And sister Sue called on my cell phone and both Adeena and I talked to her. Later when I was home again Candy came by for her concert tickets. Can't think what else I'm forgetting. Hahaha.

And now I have a PHOTO SHARE (my first in ages!). That covers Wednesday, Thursday and today (Friday).


Adeena in Seaside on the beach
May 31 (Wednesday) - Adeena in Seaside on the beach

Charlie in Seaside on the beach
May 31 (Wednesday) - Charlie in Seaside on the beach

Charlie, Leslie and Marilyn
June 1 (Thursday) - Charlie, Leslie and Marilyn at "Wonder Woman"

Charlie, Sue B. and Marilyn
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie, Sue B. and Marilyn at the VIP Party

Jeff and Marilyn
June 2 (Friday) - Jeff and Marilyn at the VIP Party

Adeena, Marilyn and Charlie
June 2 (Friday) - Adeena, Marilyn and Charlie at the VIP Party

Jeff and Charlie
June 2 (Friday) - Jeff and Charlie at the VIP Party

Charlie and Jocelyn
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie and Jocelyn at the Seether Concert

Charlie and Kezia
June 2 (Friday) - Charlie and Kezia (Steven's daughter) at the Museum in City Fair

The photo from "Wonder Woman" should include Adeena, as she was there, too!

Marilyn and I were talking tonight about the fact that she and I never seem to get our photo taken together, just the TWO OF US. (sigh) It's a disappointment to both of us. But I guess it is what it is. I suppose nobody thinks of the fact that we might want photos together. It's odd, considering how often we do things together! Oh well. Tonight was yet another night like that...

One of the reasons it's odd is that Marilyn will end up having her photo taken with so many other people (aside from me). There's nothing wrong with that, of course! But I think it would be nice to have pictures of us together, just for the sake of memories.

My foot was driving me crazy today. Whatever I did to it on Thursday (yesterday), it really HURT today. Yet I managed to walk enough to get 5,000 steps today, even so -- and to stand around on that foot (ouch).

Marilyn and I call getting ready to go out somewhere taking our 'pretty pill' -- and it often involves having a drink BEFORE we leave the house. (smile) Just taking the edge off enough to relax and let our personalities shine. Because the 'pretty pill' isn't really about dolling up! It's about turning on the thing that can make anyone pretty. I'm far from a stunning person, but I'm happy to say I have personality to spare. Hahaha. And it goes a long, long way, believe me!

The weather ended up lovely today. The venue -- All Classical Portland -- is just wonderful! It's a perfect place for a party! We got there at just the same time as Adeena and Sue B. Even entering the building was fun, walking the red carpet!

I was almost immediately separated from Marilyn and Adeena (no surprise). I always have so many people who want to chat with me that this constantly happens! I was shown the 'quiet bar' where I immediately got a drink (a riveter!). And I saw tons of people that all wanted to hug and kiss me and visit.

Marilyn looked so beautiful tonight! I'm always so proud of her. She is incredible. Yes, she's physically beautiful (and always has been), but much of her beauty is an inner beauty that shines through. People love her so much, and rightly so.

Adeena was really stunning in her lovely gown! She's tall and beautiful (I actually envy her perfect height). I think we three looked quite special together.

Oh, by the way, Sue B. had her hair almost exactly like Marilyn's!!! It was hard not to notice that...

As I told Marilyn after the party, people were MAD for my mink stole! It was a huge hit. I guess the surprising thing was that there wasn't a single person who made a negative remark about me wearing fur (and it was pretty clear to everyone that this was the real deal, it's so obviously a quality fur). After that it was all about wearing the cameo that Dad brought back with him from World War II for Mom from Italy (also stunning). Even when I would forget to share the story, someone would admire it! And they loved that my hair had that 'vintage' look -- thanks to Marilyn styling it. Finally, as frequently happens to me, I had people telling me that I smelled good. It happens CONSTANTLY to me. Marilyn was remarking on how strangers will come up to me to tell me that, and it's true. Everywhere I go people (both men and women) admire my fragrance. For the record (I'm sure I've shared this before), I wear Fantasy -- it's a Britney Spears scent. I've worn many, many other perfumes in my life, but this one seems to work with my chemistry, because everyone loves it on me! (smile)

After the party (near 10:00 p.m.), Marilyn, Adeena and I headed to the office -- and then to the 'Park' (into CityFair), to attend the Seether concert. We went almost directly to the VIP area and shot a few photos. That's where I got my picture taken with Jocelyn, from Spirit Mountain (she represents one of our most important Sponsors of the festival). She's a great friend (American Indian), and I love seeing her. She told me Seether was her husband's favorite band!

We three were STARVING (!!!). I didn't eat anything at the party, which had an array of fancy finger foods. I did try to get Kate stuffed mushrooms, which I'd promised to do -- but they were out by the time I got near the food. Visiting with so many people kept me from those tables for hours. (I grabbed her some potato skins instead -- I'd brought along plastic bags for that exact reason!)

I gave that food to Carol when we arrived at the concert to give Kate (she was on a break). Better something than nothing, I guess. But I always try to do what I promise!

Anyway, we headed back into the park, where we stopped at the Museum and said hello to Kezia and I got my picture taken with her. She's Steven's amazing oldest daughter, graduating from high school this year and ready to head to college. She's a brilliant young woman and I really like her. (Steven and his wife Michelle have five kids.)

We did see Jeff at the office and the park -- he had changed clothes. Adeena changed, too, as soon as we reached the office. But neither Marilyn nor I had brought along a change...

This is weird, but as much as I LOVE hot dogs, recently I've barely been able to eat them. I have no clue why. (And I hope it does NOT remain true.) We two got pronto pups, but I only took a couple of bites of mine and threw it away.

After eating, we decided to head for home. We were all tired...

It was nice to get home and change and relax and eat. And have a nap. I had NOT intended to lie down to sleep -- I was just in on the bed giving Henry his pill. But the minute I was there, I went right off to sleep.

It's now nearly 4:00 a.m. (!!!) and I need to get a few more hours before it's time to get up for another really busy day!!!

Saturday is Starlight Parade day!!!

It's also Special Needs day in the park -- but Marilyn will NOT allow me to attend. She's sure that last year I got my terrible bug on that day. I was around a ton of young children, and held hands with several, and lifted and carried a bunch, too. (smile) I love kids so much! But I want to stay healthy -- and we need my voice for a week from Saturday!!!

On that note, good night and sweet dreams!
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