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Day of Errands -- Plus Plenty of Festival Work!

I just woke up from a NAP after dinner with LEG CRAMPS. Yes, again. Constantly, really.

So, I'm trying the spoonful of mustard thing. Specifically, I'm trying Jack Daniels jalapeno mustard -- what amazing flavor! I was going to say that the jury's out on whether or not it works, but I do believe it works. Not perfectly -- but nothing I've tried does that! Hahaha. And Marilyn finds the idea of getting yourself to take it with a spoon pretty disgusting. But I'd do just about anything to stop all the pain. And they might just have the very BEST mustard I've ever tasted.

Although, I have to admit I still like classic French's mustard with my Heinz Tomato Ketchup. And Heinz??? I really HATE those commercials where the Heinz boy breaks up with the French's mustard!!! Not in my house, thanks very much! Hahaha. We do NOT use Heinz mustard around here! But we do sometimes like the Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup!!! (smile)

I'm not kidding. As much as I love the Heinz commercials where the whole 'family' of their products has wiener dogs in buns running toward them, for the most part the Heinz boy dumping the French's girl just annoys me to death! Be true, Heinz! Please! I'll never get over that, I swear. Yeah, yeah. If you ever even saw it you're thinking it didn't stick with you, right? I guess I love some commercials, what can I say?

My sister Sue phoned TWICE today. More about that...

Adeena and I had our BIG DAY of running errands for Marilyn! First we were off to Seaside, Oregon. But before we could leave I had work issues popping up like mad! I had to tell Rich I'd contact him in the afternoon about our weekend Press Release/News item for the website. I couldn't reach Kate before departing, so planned to call her from the car. I promised Christine I'd get back to her later. And I forget what else. Hahaha. I'm so valuable. Right.

We finally left and drove highway 30 to Cornelius Pass -- you go through St. Johns (where we stopped at the Lombard drive-through Starbucks for drinks and goodies) and across the St. Johns bridge, heading past the Sauvie Island bridge. This connects with the 'quick way' to head to Seaside (as opposed to the Astoria direction).

At one point I'm chatting on the phone with Kate and we have to actually pull over so I can hear her better. Then she emails me CODE from the eNewsletter that was going out -- so I can write additional code to 'fix' her issue for her. I just couldn't explain it without seeing it. And it was faster to write the code myself, so I did. Using my phone for a hotspot and my iPad to do the actual code. Hahaha. I love this stuff, I honestly really do!

Before we took off Marilyn had called about me checking the Starlight Parade script one last time, which I did -- after Marilyn sent me the Word version that I could edit, as opposed to the PDF I had from Jessica. I did find some mistakes. And I rearranged the order of some Copy. This has a bumping order. PA announcers will start by reading the first paragraph. Or, the first line of the first paragraph. It depends on how much time they have! So if essential information is in the second paragraph or (heaven forbid) the third one, I put that into the first. If that makes sense! For example, the band director's name(s) always goes in the first paragraph...

And I found a couple of spelling errors (easy fix). Plus suddenly I notice an eclipse event that says it's on August 17 instead of August 21! Oops! How did I miss THAT the first time around??? Hahaha. So I emailed that back to myself and Remotely moved it into the proper folder at the office...

It was overcast driving down. But the sun really came out while we were there, which was nice! We went directly to the liquor store where Kevin was holding a case for Marilyn and me (I'd arranged that via phone). He wasn't in, but the two women were ready with our order! Taco Time is CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm sorry to report! So no crispy meat burritos for us! Hahaha.

From there we went to Riteaid near Safeway to get other items we needed. Adeena was dashing to the bathroom (long trip with Starbucks to drink!). I was on the phone with sister Sue. She was crying and unhappy -- she wanted Candy to take her back home. I now need the bathroom, so I have Adeena take the phone...

We got more IBgard pills (amazing product!!!). And I found darling sunglasses! I wasn't specifically looking for these, but they were there so I got a pair. I haven't bought new ones in years!

We also got coffee creamer, which we needed at home. And some minor items (I forget right now what).

Then we need to go drive to see the ocean! I'm wearing my new sunglasses by now. (smile) We jumped out and got photos, by the way. And I'd seen the Antique Mall that's on Broadway, so we drove back and parked and went in. I had it in my head to look for something that would work as a fur stole for my dress on Friday night -- the Old Hollywood theme.

Adeena has a full length, beautiful dress she's wearing! I can't wait to see the real deal (I saw photos). She's very excited about it!

We go in and find a leopard-spotted table runner I'm thinking I could buy. Yes, they do carry vintage clothing. And then we find a MINK STOLE. Adeena gasped when I put it on. Needless to say, it was perfect!!! So I call Marilyn and she says 'get it,' and the rest is history!

Then we're back on the road heading quickly home, as we both have work to do!

Adeena dropped me off and headed to work in the office. I threw on my 'new' stole and went over to show it to June and Jim. June asks if it has pockets -- I later read that this is the sign of a more superior stole, by the way. It's in beautiful condition. No 'bald' spots or bad lining.

Yes, yes, I know. It's so PC to avoid wearing fur these days. I still don't really understand it, if I'm being honest. Minks were raised for their fur. Most people still wear leather without feeling guilt. Anyway, I can't wait to wear it!

I sold Mom's fur right after she died. And though it was in bad shape, I've frequently regretted it. I think she's smiling down from heaven today -- as she would have loved this stole! It's going to make my outfit, paired with my 'Marilyn Monroe' style dress. I guess I fail at being PC... But this is so beautiful. I've got it hanging where you can't miss it in my bedroom! (smile)

Then I get right to work with Rich on the Press Release/News item, which I put up the second we finished it.

Next I get all the info for the Fleet page at the website and carefully fix it so I can add it. It was a ton of work. Christine checks it over and chats with me and I fix it all accordingly...

Candy came by to get her Seether tickets for Friday night. She bought one so she, Sharla and Dave can all three go. Marilyn and I will go there after the party and hopefully see her!

Candy also took Sir Mix tickets for Saturday night, even though she has a conflict. I hope she gets to come. I love his concerts! Marilyn and I will be there...

Marilyn was actually HOME by 7:00 tonight! HUGE SHOCK!!! She really wanted to avoid another long, long day...

She ate chicken (from last night) and I ate rice (from yesterday). And we were supposed to have more raspberries and cookies (molasses from Franz -- our faves!!!). But we were both so tired we went to sleep...

I had PERFECT blood sugar this morning: 95. Wow. Even after both raspberries and cookies before bed last night!!! Wow.

But these leg cramps are murder!!!

Marilyn has Court judging tomorrow -- I need to come in to work with Adeena. Marilyn gets her hair done in the evening and will come back to get me after that...

I have my all-important PA Meeting in the afternoon!

I need to head to bed now... We were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" again tonight. Such fun!

Say! I'm pretty proud I can lift a box of SIX BIG BOTTLES of Margarita Watermelon (pre-mixed)! I carried it to the car in Seaside and into the house here in Portland -- and it's damn heavy!!!

Yes, Sue called again when I was home. She was VERY CONFUSED about her doctor appointment, which she told me was quite bad -- and Marilyn told me was NOT. Marilyn still gets the reports by email. (sigh)

And now it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm facing a very busy day! Just saying!

Sweetest of all dreams, my friends.
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