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Dental Appointment -- Organizing My Bedroom

I've had a toothache since last Friday. I would have phoned about it on Monday (yesterday), but it was a holiday. (And I think my dentist's office is closed on Mondays, anyway...) So I called this morning and they fit me in at 12:15.

That gave me time this morning to color my hair, which really needed it! I was really looking white/gray at my roots. Yikes! Not good to be worrying about during the festival, that's for sure.

Adeena took me to the dentist. Mary didn't really find anything. She thinks there's a possibility I've got a root canal that's going bad. That could be serious (sigh), as she'd need to send me to a specialist -- which is very expensive! But it might just be that I've been grinding my teeth and that's what's causing the pain. It's so radiated that I can't even tell which tooth for sure is bothering me. I've been brushing like mad with my Sensodyne toothpaste (designed for people with sensitive teeth).

Interestingly enough, my blood sugar this morning was really GOOD! 109 early on and 111 a short time later (when I actually did my insulin). That's especially astounding because PAIN elevates blood sugar. And I was up and down all night again with leg cramps. Those cramps were especially awful when I got up this morning. Thank God for my Hyland's pills!!!

I was up early enough to see two episodes of "My Three Sons," which I recall we used to watch -- but I was young at the time. I think Mom and Dad were fans, meaning we kids sort of saw it. (smile) One episode featured Bub O'Casey -- he was the boys' live-in maternal grandfather, played by William Frawley (of "I Love Lucy: fame, as Fred). The boys were annoyed by him, but ended up glad he had butted in. The other episode was clever, featuring the space program on TV and how a day in the life ran... Hard to explain, but fun to watch. Anyway, it's on at 7:30 a.m.

I usually don't just sit and watch TV during the day, by the way. I have TV on while I sit at my computer and work in my office. When I'm facing my computer, the TV is on my left, on top of four-drawer vertical file cabinets (in other words, up in the air and behind my head). So I don't ever tend to look at it -- I just listen to what's going on and sometimes glance at the screen. (grin)

The TV is on right now and "Frasier" is playing... I guess you can't really call it WATCHING TV, considering I mainly LISTEN to TV. Hahaha. But I'm used to it. I'll often have TV on in the kitchen while I'm doing dishes or cooking. Or in my bedroom sometimes when I'm cleaning... I guess it keeps me company.

After the dentist, I walked to Starbucks to meet up with Adeena. I got coffee and we walked back to the car (parked in the lot behind Mary's). It's always nice to see Mary, Holly and Shannon, by the way.

We took my FOUR (!!!) prescriptions down to Riteaid. I'd planned to just wait for these, but it was going to take AN HOUR (!!!). So we went over to Safeway and got Chinese from the deli and picked up a couple groceries (and chicken for Marilyn from the deli, too).

We went back home to eat. Then called at one hour later and were told it would be another half hour! Adeena had an afternoon meeting, so she headed out to go back to the office. But she called Jessica and found out the meeting had been cancelled, so she came back. Eventually they did finish my prescriptions, and we got them and I started taking them...

Mary wanted me to take one of the heavy-duty pain pills and try to rest -- and see if that would help the dental pain. Guess what? That actually worked!!!

Adeena left and went back to the festival to work.

I read a bit and then actually napped (!!!) -- something I rarely do in the middle of the day!

Then I got up and Remoted to work and did some email and other stuff. And I talked to Rich about work at one point.

Finally I got wrapped up in picking up my bedroom, which has been quite a mess. It's hard this time of year, being so busy! But I put my various pairs of boots away in the closet and folded up clothes and put them in drawers and hung other stuff. I really got my bedroom in decent order! That often isn't true during the festival. It's just hard to keep up with it. And in many ways it's convenient to have the clothes we're wearing just stacked where these are easy to put your hands on -- rather than in drawers and closets.

I'm very happy with how that turned out.

Marilyn was at work until 10:00! That's a 15-hour day. Good grief.

Sue B. is in town to help with the Starlight Parade. Marilyn is very pleased! They were really cooking today.

I ate more rice for dinner (which I had earlier). Honestly, it's easy to chew and that's good right now. I did start my antibiotics (yes, again) today. We'll see if that's necessary or not. Mary felt it would help, so...

I still need to do laundry, but I did do a load of dishes, anyway!

Marilyn got on the treadmill (!!!) after dinner! Inspiring, isn't it??? The last I heard she had more than 10,000 steps. I didn't even get 4,000 -- which is probably just as well, considering my leg cramps. So frustrating!

Marilyn and I were watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" while she was on the treadmill. Such a great movie! Beautiful Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe! And all their gorgeous clothes! And singing along with the music. So fun!!!

Friday night the VIP party has the theme Old Hollywood. I wish I had a faux stole I could wear with my dress! Hahaha.

Time for bed. I may have had a nap today, but I'm still behind in getting enough sleep.

Oh! I forgot to mention that sister Sue called today. She was trying to reach Candy. So I called Candy to have her call Sue. It appears Tammy is being unpleasant with Sue. Candy texted later and said she might bring Sue back home. She doesn't want her to put up with Tammy...

Don't know what else I'm forgetting! But sweet dreams, all!
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