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Starlight Script is DONE -- Sue and Larry Drop By

Larry was picking up sister Sue at Candy's (well, Sue's house!) to go back to his house (where she's been staying). Sue spent the weekend with Candy.

Anyway, they dropped in and stayed for more than an hour to visit! Very nice! We had a lovely chat.

Larry is working hard to lose weight. And Sue's weight is down, too.

Larry is going to take Sue to the parade. And Candy is going with friends.

Our neighbors and close friends June and Jim are also going -- and will be sitting with Donn and Denise.

Jan and Bob (Shari's brother and sister-in-law) are going with friends. And Shari got six tickets so she and some people from her home can attend.

Finally, cousin Linda is going (I don't know who is going with her -- she got two tickets). We haven't had so many family and friends attending in years! Very nice! It's always special to have loved ones there, considering the amount of work we put into the parade...

Marilyn had another very long day. She got home around 10:00 p.m. She said Adeena stayed with her the entire time, which meant a lot to her -- and to me, too!

I'm proud of Adeena. She did a good job writing the script. And as I said before, I really enjoy doing the editing. I finished it up today -- and hadn't expected to do so until tomorrow.

Normally our PA Meeting for Starlight would be happening tomorrow (it's always been the Tuesday before the parade, which is on Saturday). But we couldn't get the meeting venue. So this year we're having the meeting on Thursday. I think it's actually going to be a positive change.

I'm sitting here sipping a Coke Zero. Now that it's festival time, I've been drinking a little bit more soda than I've drank in months. Usually I drink coffee and lots and lots of water -- and I had lots of both today.

Normally on Memorial Day Marilyn and I go to Float Maneuverability at the float warehouse. But I was at home and Marilyn was just swamped. So we didn't make it. I guess they were pretty disappointed...

I usually take them team pins and souvenir programs. And they feed us hotdogs.

Anyway, when Marilyn brought it up on the phone, I decided to surprise her with hotdogs here at home. So I baked a batch, and later put on pans full of cabbage. That with some tomatoes and black olives was our dinner (past 10:00 p.m.). At least I had a cheese sandwich for lunch (rye bread and some cheddar cheese). And Marilyn and Adeena got corn dogs at some point. Marilyn said they weren't very good, though...

Marilyn just works and works and works. And she must be tired out after the Half Marathon yesterday!

I was mostly focused on the Starlight script again today, plus some website stuff.

It was a chilly day, for the most part. But because of the sun on the windows in the living room and office, it got terribly hot upstairs! I was sweating like mad. But I tried not to run the AC too much. I didn't want the family room to get too cold.

I can't think what else to share...

I've been hung up on watching Diagnosis Murder -- and METV switched to Remington Steele today during that time period! (Yes, I've always loved Remington Steele, but still...) But I decided to search for my show. And found it's playing at the same time on a different channel!

I also watched a little bit of Monk today. I don't really end up watching any show all the way through, because I'm busy working and spend a lot of time on the phone. But that's fine.

I tried on dresses today. In case I want to wear one for Friday night. I actually have five (!!!) dressy dresses. One was for the Centennial Ball (back in 2007). Another was for From One Rose (also back in 2007). Another was for when I got a 'lifetime achievement award' (when I'd been at the festival for 30 years, or so). I honestly don't know where the other two black dresses came from, or when I wore them! I'd have to guess for some festival event, like the Auction. But I don't recall.

I don't wear dresses very often. And I also have two tuxedo jackets I could wear. The theme is 'old Hollywood.' I think the one black dress -- cut in a Marilyn Monroe style -- is probably best for that theme. I need to figure out my under garments for that dress. (smile) I was trying it on in the buff for Marilyn to see...

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. I want to phone Mary tomorrow about my toothache. It's still bothering me, but actually seems better today. But I still want her to look at it.

Finally, I'm enjoying reading my current book. Something to do when I wake up from leg cramps in the middle of the night. Hahaha.

And I'm off to bed!
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