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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn and Jeff Make Me Proud! 
marilyn-amazing, amazing
Marilyn and Jeff actually walked the entire Half Marathon this morning!!! No, I'm not kidding. I don't know how they did it -- especially Marilyn (who is probably around twenty years older than Jeff). Without training! In fact, while putting in grueling long hours for ages (especially Marilyn). Which shows how strong some people can be!!!

I wish I'd been at the finish line to cheer for them and congratulate them!

Marilyn came home with only a couple of blisters -- but so thirsty she was going crazy! Shades of her last half marathon! Hahaha.

And after that -- and only a soak in the tub and a very short nap, she and I went out shopping tonight. All told, she got 35,000 (!!!) steps today! Amazing! That was three different badges at Fitbit.

I somehow managed to get 5,000 steps myself -- maybe not such a good thing, considering I'm having such terrible leg cramps every night now. These wake me over and over. Last night I was afraid I'd wake Marilyn I was making so much noise. And I'm even having cramps in my hands... (sigh)

My accomplishment for today? I got almost the entire Starlight Parade script edited -- with the exception of some things I'll need to check out tomorrow. It should be done tomorrow, but I might be held up by the holiday. So perhaps not until Tuesday. I guess we'll see.

Marilyn is sound asleep. I'm just pushing myself to blog. I'm so damn tired I can barely sit here. I think I'm even more tired than I was Friday night.

I tried to call sister Sue today, but didn't reach her. I think she'd have been excited to hear about Marilyn and the Half Marathon.

You know what? I love editing. It's actually enjoyable for me! Of course, I love writing, period. But I think I'm a pretty damn good editor. Just sayin'.

Adeena did a good job with her writing of the script. She's really a fine writer -- and I'm picky as hell.

Marilyn bought three wonderful dresses at Ross tonight! She's going to wear one of those for the party on Friday night. No, I have NO CLUE what I'm going to wear... (sigh) I'll figure it out, I supposed.

I need to turn in more ticket orders for GFP -- Marilyn wanted them LAST WEEK! Yikes. I'd better get that done tomorrow.

I have a toothache. I can't figure out how serious it is. I'll have to try and reach Mary and see if she can work me in. That's no small order right now! Why another issue to deal with? I'm trying not to complain, but I do have a lot of health issues all the time...

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, friends!