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Point One Run -- And a Nice Nap

Before I blog, I have to rant a bit. The mobile App for LiveJournal sucks (as I think everybody knows). So I quit using it ages ago. But every so often I give it another chance, even though that's a waste of time. But trying to blog via Safari on my iPad? That sucks, too, in many ways. For example, tons of my icons (user pics) simply don't display. Why is that? Rant over (for now).


Marilyn went to work and put in many hours this evening -- and night. She's amazingly hard working, I have to tell you.

The day started with us deciding what to wear and then heading to the office for the Point One Run, our fun run that started last year.

I wore the tee from the 90's that shows a Queen with a tear in her eye, excited that she'll be riding as Queen on the Court float. I need to share a photo...

Marilyn wore night clothes and carried a pillow. At one point Kate from our office told me she was trying to figure out how 'that homeless woman' could be wearing a staff credential! Hahaha.

This is such a fun event, anyway. But, wow, was it HOT out there! Whew. Beautiful, sunny and hot.

After that event, Marilyn and I came home and took naps. I can't speak for Marilyn (I don't even know if she did nap!), but I barely read to turn off my brain, then went right off to sleep!

I had a rough night last night -- loads of leg cramps after all that walking yesterday -- tons of which was up and down stairs (as always). And I paid for it! Wow, what awful cramps!!!

I was really tired today. But I got up soon after Marilyn drove off. I cleaned up in the kitchen a bit. And so on.

Then I started looking at the Starlight script. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Marilyn is falling asleep on the sofa. It's 1:00 and she needs to be up in a couple of hours!!! She and Jeff are walking the Half Marathon in the morning -- and it's VERY early!

We just watched some Celebrity Ninja Warrior -- it was amazing!!!

And that's it for today.
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