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We Survived the First Day of the Festival.

So, we survived the first day of the festival. There were several good moments during the day. (Plus many difficult moments.)

It's currently five minutes to one. We're just barely home from a very long day.

Rob and Jeff came by to pick up their wristbands and visited for a bit. (I also gave them Chalet passes for GFP.)

I got to briefly see our friend Shari (I looked and looked for her later, but never found her again). She arrived just as we needed to be down in CityFair for the Opening Ceremony, so I didn't get to really speak to her...

I rode two rides with Kate (from our staff). The second ride Rob and Jeff rode, too. And I got to ride a third ride with my niece, Candy. And I got to meet several of Candy's friends.

I got to see and chat with cousin Linda and her daughter, Katie. (And I saw Linda's friend, Barron.)

I got to briefly see Nicole (Candy's daughter) -- surrounded by a group of young men.

Mark came down and spent hours hanging out with me (and Marilyn and Adeena and others). His son had been in a car accident away at school, but wasn't hurt, thankfully.

I saw Larry and his daughter Abby and a friend of Larry's. Larry has lost a lot of weight -- he told me 75 pounds. But his sister, Candy, looked like she'd lost weight, too.

Suddenly while I'm riding rides for fun, I have people looking for me! The website is down! So I have to hurry back to the office. Jeremiah was there, thankfully, when I emailed Atmosera. And he had it fixed within 20 minutes of my emailing him. Pretty darn good! He never fails me.

But that shouldn't have happened! I knew we'd increased things in previous years for the months of the festival, so... It means we were get a ton of hits and this literally crashed us. Which is actually sort of a good thing. (smile)

Everybody was complaining about sore feet! (Yes, me included. Right now my feet are just throbbing.)

I got 13,125 steps today! At one point Marilyn, Adeena and I were neck in neck for who would have the most steps. Hahaha.

Jeff was in a very serious mood today. He promised that 'fun Jeff' would come out to play tomorrow!

I somehow managed to get a News item up about Opening Day. It was hard, not being able to run it by Rich who was running that event...

I saw Donn and Denise briefly, who said they'd had fun. They left long before the fireworks.

Jessica bought corn dogs and fries for us to eat. I hadn't had much to eat all day, so I was really hungry.

Tomorrow is the Point One Run, so I need to get to bed. It's at 10:30 a.m. However, I never picked up my packet today (I totally forgot), so I need to do that before the race in the morning.

So I guess I'd better get to bed!!!

I'm probably forgetting a ton of stuff to share, but whatever! I'm tired and ready to sleep.

Good night!
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