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Extremely Busy Day! The Day Before We Start the Festival for 2017

Tomorrow is the big day! The first day of the festival for 2017. Wow. Another year. Hard to believe...

Accordingly, it was a hugely busy day (of course).

I got to start my day with news that the Exchange was down. (sigh) So I had to phone Kris who had to dash in to fix it. This is NOT the time of year we can stand to be without email for even a short time! Thankfully he fixed it right away...

I was at my home computer in my home office early, where I would spend nearly the entire day.

Actually, I just woke from a short nap -- it's now past 1:00 a.m. and I need to finish up the garbage and recycling (!!!) and get it all out to the curb. Then quickly wash and dry my hair and get to bed for the night. We have to be up early!!!

Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa. As we were sitting side by side, she kept falling asleep and nearly dropping her iPad on the floor. She's worn out, poor thing. She had an exhausting day that ended with her attending a judging dinner for the Court. Sound like fun? It's not...

She ate a little more when she got home. She told me it was supposed to be a fasting day for her. But she's so hungry right now! I think she needs to keep fueling up and getting through each day.

I spent ages on website again today. Yes, yes. There were MANY MORE pages to take care of!!! It's hard to believe. Usually by now I'm barely touching the website, as I don't have much time to be sitting in front of a computer for that.

Adeena gave me the first draft of the Starlight script. I hope it's pretty well done, because I'm not in the habit of getting another version after this point! Perhaps a paragraph or two to plug in -- but not the entire script again! My plan is to start working on it tomorrow a little bit, then finish it up this weekend.

I spoke to June today. She's never heard of Dwayne Johnson, by the way. She had a lot to tell me. She got both a manicure and pedicure and took her recently purchased purse back to the store. I told her we're going to try and get her and Jim tickets near Donn and Denise for the parade.

I also was in touch with my niece Candy, her daughter Nicole and my nephew Larry regarding wristbands (and tickets). Both Nicole and Candy (and her best friend Sharla) came over to get these. It was fun seeing them. Colin was excited to see Nicole. He loves her and always has.

Candy took me to pick up my many prescriptions -- including my insulin. So that's out of the way!

Speaking of my insulin: I phoned it in today. While doing that, I mentioned the dose on the box is now wrong. I said I was taking 30 units once a day -- not 10 to 20 units (which is how it's always read since last September -- and I've always taken over 20 for months). Leslie changed me to 30 when I last saw her. The woman asks if this change was prescribed, and I say yes. She checks, and she has an entirely NEW prescription for my insulin, so she tells me she's going to change me to that. Change? It's the exact same medication in the same size vial. And would she never have found it if I hadn't mentioned this???

I barely ate again today. I have a really limited appetite right now, which is for the best.

I texted back and forth with Mark for ages. I might see him tomorrow. It's been ages.

Well, off to do what needs doing. The sooner that's done, the sooner I can get to sleep! I'm very tired.

We're expecting good weather this weekend!

Whatever I'm forgetting is just because my days are so packed with things now. It's hard to keep the days separate!

Oh! When I was out working on the recycling, Estelle our neighbor told me she was inviting Marilyn and me to a party on June 11. I laughed, because timing is everything (that's the end of the festival!). Well, the invite is kind, even if we can't go.

Sweet dreams.
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