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"Baywatch" (The New Movie) -- And One Crazy Festival Day

Training Tashae went quite well. Let me first admit that Marilyn was 100% correct -- the location right by the side doors near Jeff's office was ridiculous and didn't work AT ALL. So Tashae moved her own computer from that location to X (in the center on the seawall), which is where she was located last year...

Marilyn, Jeff, Rich and Jessica were off to a meeting first thing. So it was only a few of us going to Starbucks (Carol, Tashae, Sheila, Steven, Christine and me).

I used my NEW NOTES (which had the addition of a security section and how to close software applications) for the first time. They need some tweaking, but it went decently, anyway.

I had to do some major IT settings today. Man, I'm glad I keep good notes!!!

Diane from the One More Time band came in and brought us cake, t-shirts and medals this morning! Marilyn had worn pink pants which looked GREAT with the tie-dye shirt that had pink in it. I immediately put on my medal and wore it all day. (smile)

Soon after finishing up training, Adeena brought me home so I could work here. I had some website stuff to wrap up. I didn't think it was a big deal -- at first.

But the next thing I knew it was TEN EVENTS that hadn't been included at the website to date! Including some major events with important sponsors. And multiple day events -- which are very complicated to do.

I spent hours on this, working with several people. Rich and I were on the phone for ages going through things together. I got some of it done, but got burned out and had to quit. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

I don't know who dropped the ball, but I'm responsible for the website, so I'm to blame as much as anyone. Marilyn wrote a strong email to our Communications Team, but didn't place any blame. We all know we need to own the mistake -- and people were scrambling to fix it. But ultimately I personally need to do most of the work (and I will).

Tonight Jeff, Adeena, Marilyn and I went to see the movie "Baywatch," with Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach (and more). Who doesn't LOVE Dwayne Johnson??? He's just fabulous in everything you ever see him in and that's the case here, too. In fact, when he's out of the action for a spell you really miss seeing him.

The movie has terrible reviews. You know what? Go see it anyway, just for fun! No, it's not a perfect film by a long shot, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves and I think that's good enough, sometimes. Man, Dwayne and Zac are so buff. And Alexandra and Kelly are curvaceous and lovely. The humor is crass and some parts are very gross, but who cares? Sometimes this is just what you need...

There was some drama today, but oh well. Marilyn and I are determined to remain positive, no matter what. Things are certainly better for us than they were last year. And everything will get done. But I feel for Marilyn who is under constant stress and never left alone all day long. People simply can't function without her.

I only had two bites of the cake today. I had very little to eat, actually. But I ate a hotdog and popcorn at the show. Hahaha. So that blew all the being good from earlier, I suppose. My blood sugar was good both this morning and this evening.

Annoying! I missed 5,000 steps by less than 100 steps. Seriously? Hahaha. By the way, bad leg cramps again today.

Cousin Linda came by today and picked up her wristbands. I gave Donn wristbands yesterday. I still need to get wristbands to family members -- but I feel the onus should be on THEM just a bit...

Time to head to bed, anyway!

Sleep well, and happy dreams, friends.
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