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Happy Mayor Harry Lane Day!

Yes, today is officially Mayor Harry Lane Day -- according to our mayor and because of Marilyn's efforts!

Here are a couple of interesting articles about Harry Lane: Meet Mayor Harry Lane -- Funmaker and Harry Lane War Hero.

Harry Lane was a well-known and respected Oregon politician. A medical doctor by profession, he was the grandson of the first territorial governor of Oregon. He was mayor of Portland after the turn of the century and established a reputation as a man of principle. He was considered the worst enemy of the corrupt politicians, cops and shanghai artists who were virtually running the city when he arrived. He had a reputation as a supporter of women’s suffrage and an advocate for more respectful treatment of Native American tribes in the state of Oregon. And he was a man of peace during a time of war.

Be sure to read more about him using one of the above links. Or go and google him. He's a man worth knowing! Portland actor David Rianda has impersonated Mayor Harry Lane as part of the festival's Living History program since 2007 -- that's ten years as of 2017! Dave is a wonderful man who takes this role very seriously. So David and several members of our staff -- including Marilyn, Angel, Adeena, Suzanne, Christine and me -- started our day in Lone Fir cemetery beside Harry Lane's grave on this very beautiful, sunny day. Soon joined by our 2007 President Leslie and the Court for 2017. Because this is a man worth remembering! I wish I had all the words of the 'Whereas' here in front of me that Marilyn wrote on behalf of the mayor, because it's very cool and very impressive!

After that the Court headed off on their way (they are very busy right now every day). And most of the staff went back to a busy day at the office. But Marilyn went off to discuss security for the festival in light of world events (and especially all the issues happening here in Portland). I met with Donn about the work he was doing in the office today. And with his granddaughter Ashley (who calls Donn 'Grandpa'), who wants to volunteer to help me at the Grand Floral Parade this year.

And soon after Adeena took me to Safeway for deli Chinese food (and peanuts), then home (before heading back to work).

I've been suffering with leg cramps. And today I was also having spleen pain (again). Good grief.

But what a gorgeous day! Perfect for our 'event' for Mayor Harry Lane!

I got a bunch of work done on the computer and rested as much as I was able.

And went briefly over to see June and Jim (who gave me some keyboards for the office).

Then after another crazy day at work, Marilyn came home pretty early for her! We were ready to lie down for a 'nap' around 9:00 -- which is unheard of here at our house! Hahaha.

Now it's past 2:00 and I'm blogging as usual. And I'll take my meds and head off to bed.

Tomorrow I train Tashae, who is my last trainee for this festival season (considering our festival begins on Friday!!!). Normally I wouldn't be training someone this week. But if you check out last year, I was training this same woman on May 25, so... Hahaha. Yes, I'm actually re-training her tomorrow.

And I have my NEW set of training notes ready! We've added a bunch of stuff. More about that later. I really need to head to bed now!

Good night and sweet dreams!
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