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We Can Make Any Day a Fun Day...

Marilyn was up very early -- especially for a Sunday! And she got ready and went directly in to work, before I even got out of bed!!!

I had LEG CRAMPS (!!!) again today -- very bad. But my wonderful pills helped, thankfully.

While Marilyn was working away in the office, I decided to take out more garbage here at home. And do the cat boxes. I'm using Arm & Hammer SLIDE for the very first time. I was SHOCKED when I saw it! It's like SAND more than kitty litter. So I sure hope the boys are willing to use it! It would be bad if they weren't. Hahaha.

Supposedly it keeps things smelling fresh for 7 days. And comes out of the box with no muss or fuss. Normally we use plastic liners in the box. But this time I just put the stuff in the box without a liner. We'll see how that goes! Hahaha. Hopefully you can teach an old dog (CAT!) new tricks.

After that I did some work on the computer, then jumped in the shower and washed my hair. I let myself read my current book while drying my hair.

Marilyn called on her way home. We'd been thinking about taking a ride in the afternoon. But she suggested we drive down to the Seaside Liquor Store (!!!) to get more Cuervo WATERMELON Margarita mix in the ready-to-serve bottle. So I checked online and it said they were open today. I called and they had two bottles left, so he was holding them for us. Hahaha.

We drove down the long way so we could stop for gas and at Starbucks. We also decided to shop at Ross in Warrenton and both got some nice clothes! I got jeans and Marilyn got pink pants and a pair of black and white pants that look amazing on her!

We also went to Famous Footwear in Seaside, so Marilyn could get more of their socks. And we ended up getting some shoes, too. Hahaha.

The Liquor Store had our bottles. And we chatted with him and ordered another case of the watermelon. We really want to use it for after the Grand Floral Parade! Much easier than taking both mixer and a bottle and making drinks.

We got food at Taco Time and then took it to the house to eat. We only hung out briefly before getting back into the car and heading to the office. We were there by 8:30 and worked until 10:30, getting home by 11:00.

The quick trip to the beach gave us the feeling of having fun in the middle of all the work we did this weekend...

We both just ate some peanuts and are now getting ready to head to bed, facing a very big week! The festival begins on FRIDAY of this week!!!

I'm staying home tomorrow, but we have Mayor Harry Lane Day on Tuesday! And on Wednesday I'll be training my last staff person for this year (hopefully!!!). At least for this festival. (Who knows about later in the year...)

The weather was beautiful today! In the 80's with blue skies. But it's supposed to go into the 90's tomorrow!!! Good grief.

I spent ages on Tashae's setup. This new method of Profiling is still a bit confusing for me. And writing out the instructions! I can hardly decide where to keep all of the instructions I write for myself.

I know the best thing would be to put them up cyber (online). But that's a lot of coding. Maybe I could make a ton of PDFs and just load them all up and link them! That might be an idea. I wonder if it would make them easier to locate when I need them? Hahaha.

Well, time for bed! Marilyn has massage therapy tomorrow night, and plans to just work straight through until time to drive to Donald, Oregon. That will be one LONG day for her. But lately they are all long days!

I almost forgot! I got 6,000 steps today! What do you think of that? Hahaha.

Sleep well, friends.
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