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Website Work -- Good Fasting Blood Sugar Results

I started my day with happy news -- my fasting blood sugar result was 131, which I swear is one of the best numbers I've had since starting on insulin. (I might be wrong about this, but that number certainly has been this good recently, anyway.)

Yes, Leslie did have me change from 26 units to 30 (of insulin) after my recent appointment (last Friday). But I was still high -- because steroids raise blood sugar, of course. That's a sign, I think, that my body is processing the steroid shots. I hope that means the shots will take total effect soon, as I'm still limping from hip pain. But the bursa injection IS like a miracle medication! I just think all the time about how it's helped me in the past.

Of course the current inclement weather is no help. Getting COLD is what gives me these flare-ups in the first place. And, boy, was it ever cold today!!! I had to keep turning up the heat! Normally I'd never need to use the furnace in the month of May! It was rainy and COLD. I went out to the garage for something (maybe when I was taking out garbage) and it was like a meat locker out there (brr). Clearly the dampness is no help to my health, aside from being cold...

Marilyn was home late again tonight -- 9:00-ish. She didn't even get a chance to work on her formation map for GFP until well past 5:00 p.m., she was so busy.

I discovered a bunch of website errors I needed to correct today. Part of the problem is new hands on the pages -- and the site is complicated enough to require experience. And even if you have past experience with the site, it can be hard remembering all of the little nuances involved with each page!

When we're doing a Sanctioned Event page, for example, you have TWO places in the right hand column where you must check-mark Sanctioned Event. If you forget, things don't display as they should in every area. And every page has a header banner across the top -- and this also needs to be selected as the Featured Image of that given page. This means, for example, that when you do a Search on that page, the featured image will display after the search in the results. Otherwise a generic gold rose background appears...

I know these sound like little things, but my job as webmaster is to make everything look right in every version of the website! It's amusing to me that until I got my new iPhone, I didn't tend to view our festival website with my phone. I'd do most things on the computer, of course. And with my iPad, too. But it's a whole different look with the phone -- and most people are looking look at it with their phones these days! Which is why we've made numerous tweaks to the website for exactly this purpose...

I'm proud of what we've accomplished this year with the website! But the smallest mistake changes elements that we who do the code might miss. For example, if you miss one of those Sanctioned Event check-marks, then it doesn't turn the Calendar links BLUE -- which indicate a Sanctioned Event. We have a legend that shows certain colors for each type of event (parade, walk or run, sanctioned event and so on), so things need to match accordingly.

And now we do a lot more ACTUAL CODING than we did previously -- so you need to be able to read some basic HTML now. WordPress does NOT do away with the need for HTML or CSS! We're using it all the time at our website. So no matter how much people shy away from using it, it's a fact of life. And why not learn a little about it? I don't believe it's complicated to use. I'm really not a genius! Seeing that movie Hidden Figures reminded me of how little I actually know. Hahaha. I can't read a lick of computer programming, for example. (I recall a time when Marilyn wanted to learn it. But she's far more mathematical than I am and always has been! Maybe I'm speaking out of turn, but I think being left-handed is part of my issue. And I really believe in the 'right brain, left brain' thing, by the way...)

The good thing about HTML and CSS is that we who speak and write English are viewing this code IN ENGLISH. You don't have to learn a computer language to use it! I'm always surprised how daunted people are by the addition of a few symbols and brackets...

Well, I didn't mean to run on so much. But this is where I was today. I need to be sure to spend more time with the others working on the website and help them to really learn these aspects of the work. And continue to document things and make them available at our How To website. I'm getting there more all the time!

On the other hand, I was reminded today how little I personally understand Word! I just don't use it hardly ever -- nor can I see much reason for me to do so going forward. I was going to make a page of images using Word then make it into a PDF. I decided it was just as easy to create an image that contains several images and load that up, so that's probably what I'll do.

I had a bunch of changes to do for two different pages today and I spent hours on both! But I'm happy with the results.

Christine contacted me about setting up the phones for festival weekends when we'll be open on Saturdays and Sundays. The way Shoretel phones work, you do this on the back end of the phones, via the Phone Server. And I'm the one who does all of that for the office. It's not really complicated. But it requires you to have access to the Phone Server -- and you can only do that locally, if that makes sense. Which means I can do it Remotely, but need to be logged on where it appears as if I'm working locally.

Then it's just a matter of knowing where you go to change the settings. I have -- OF COURSE -- a detailed instruction sheet that tells me exactly what steps to follow. And I could probably do it without looking at that, as I'm pretty familiar with the steps. But it's helpful to know I have that reference source, just in case. And I believe others could follow the steps, if need be. Or the support people at Inflow could do this for us, of course -- but that's an emergency method.

Speaking of support people, I had to email Brit and David about a weird website glitch today. I've already heard back from Brit at 9:30 (we're not the only ones working late, clearly... hahaha). And she, too, couldn't figure out what I was asking about. She said she'd defer to David. I'm curious to hear what he says, because it appears to be done correctly -- but it certainly isn't displaying that way! (No, WorPress isn't perfect. Haha.)

Marilyn DID manage to do her Grand Floral Parade formation map today -- and it's very complex. It can't be done on a device, unfortunately. The thing is, you need to have UNLIMITED numbers of layers. Plus it's handy to be able to really zoom in very close. Both of those things are restricted on an iPad, I'm afraid. As I've said to her before, there are things about Apps on devices that I really love! And if you could combine the best parts of computer software and device Apps, you'd really end up with something amazing! But it is what it is...

I'm PROUD OF HER that she did this work without my help. I'm not suggesting, again, that I'm a genius about it. But I'm simply more experienced doing the work. I don't touch it quite as often as I used to, but this time of year I generally am using it on a daily basis or close. And often it's just a matter of practice that makes it easier. Marilyn doesn't get as much opportunity to use it, even if she wanted to! I don't know how she ever gets actual hands-on work done, considering her meeting schedule! As always, she amazes me.

I contacted our niece Candy and nephew Larry today, to see if they wanted wristbands for Opening Night to ride the rides. Both responded, as did Nicole (Candy's daughter -- our great niece). I got a number from Larry and hope I get one from Candy tomorrow. As of today we were nine days out from the festival (!!!). Yes, I'm still in denial!

My friend June got her bursa shots in her knees today! (woo hoo) AND she found the shoes we were looking at yesterday -- two pairs in different colors -- at another Walmart! Her poor feet are so swollen she can barely get shoes on them. And when she does it's terribly painful for her.

Marilyn and I deal with constant swelling of our feet, too, so we totally understand. We're not as bad as June, though, poor dear.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: Sister Sue apparently has a new phone. Which is why I can never reach her calling her on the old phone (makes sense). I need to MAKE A POINT of asking Larry for the new number tomorrow. It would be nice to talk to her now and then. But he indicated that she's much worse now. So for all I know she doesn't even think about either of us...

He couldn't say if Sue would be attending the parade this year. That's a shame, as she loves going. But maybe she's just not up to it. I couldn't say, as I don't even remember the last time I talked to Sue.

Marilyn and I ate Reser's sausage with Tillamook cheese for dinner. And raspberries and (fat free) half and half for dessert.

She went to lunch today (with Marcia and Gail) and was able to eat -- and it's all about those peppermint oil capsules! As I said before, these are a miracle for Marilyn.

I can't believe I didn't blog about Marilyn's gastro appointment on Tuesday!!! What was I thinking about? We went to that first thing BEFORE WORK yesterday. And she mentioned her amazing results with IBard -- and the doctor said something like, "I would have gotten there eventually" (!!!). Eventually, doctor??? When would THAT have been??? After she'd suffered more? Or when? And the nurse gave her a COUPON they have in the office to get these pills for $2 off. (They are spendy, believe me.) Are you kidding me? At least he didn't brush aside using the pills. But he KNEW about them and never suggested them??? Good grief.

I can't even say any more about that. Except to say that Marilyn always seems to know more than our various doctors. She was always a jump or two ahead of Sue's many doctors. She just happens to be great at research -- and has an amazing, logical mind. We make a lot of jokes about Dr. Marilyn in our family, anyway. Hahaha.

I took out garbage today and did some laundry. Real life is hard this time of year.

Well, it's nearly 3:00 a.m., so I'm off to bed.

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