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Training of Grace -- Shopping With June

So tired tonight. Marilyn made me promise to take it easy tomorrow, and I think I'm going to do exactly that. I didn't plan it, but I got more than 6,000 steps in today. Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be avoiding walking and exercise. I've got that. It's just not always that easy to do.

Starbucks with several members of the staff (we picked up coffee for Marilyn) to welcome Grace. She's an intern this year -- but she also happens to be our current Queen. A lovely, sweet and smart girl!

Training with her went very well -- we were done by 11:30.

Jeff was off to Pendleton (Oregon) today. He's out now traveling until Friday...

Jessica was back today after being out with a migraine. She, Carol and Marilyn all worked quite late. Marilyn was at the office until past 9:00 (and Carol and Jessica were still there when she left).

After I finished training, Marilyn brought me home. I did some work on my email (both home and work). Then I went in and laid down on my bed with a blanket over me and was trying to read. The next thing you know I took a short, refreshing nap.

I've been having insomnia every night since my shots on Friday. So the nap was lovely.

When I woke up I phoned June and she and I decided to go shopping. We went to the Walmart in Scappoose (Oregon). It started to really rain while we were on our way! I was wearing my festival pullover, but June didn't have a jacket. We were dashing inside when we arrived!

I bought myself a hat! Black and cute. I wanted to wear it back to the car to keep dry, but it wasn't raining by then.

We shopped for quite some time before heading home again. I got a little dizzy in the store. I was at 148 when I tested my blood, which was fine. But when I got home I was down to 90! Probably because I hadn't eaten...

As I said, Marilyn got home around 9:30. Then we had baby tacos that I bought today for dinner. (smile) Delicious. And raspberries for dessert. Aside from the slice of rye bread I had when I got home from shopping, that's pretty much all I ate today. I really wasn't hungry.

But I was VERY thirsty and drank a lot of water!

Poor June! Her feet are so swollen. It's impossible for her to get shoes on. She really needs to get some new shoes. We looked today, but couldn't really find anything...

Well, off to bed. I hope I can sleep tonight. Sweet dreams.
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