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Work, Errands and Profiles

I had some Profile-related stuff to do today. And I needed to explain the current new staff person to Donn, who was setting up the Profile on a new machine at the office this morning. I was trying to reach him, but he didn't get to the office until after 10:00 a.m... oh well...

I needed to explain the Generic Profile versus the Name Profile. I think I explained this before, but here's how it works:
We set up a Generic Profile on a computer, such as WaterfrontIntern (for our current Waterfront Intern to use). Then I make a Name Profile using this person's actual name -- but we do NOT actually set up this Profile on the computer. Instead, we tie the two Profiles together. Emails appear to come from the person's name -- and get forwarded to the Generic Profile on the computer.

That means we can use the Generic Profile over and over again, simply by tying a new Name Profile to it each year. At least, that's what we're doing in theory. Hahaha.

So far this year Braden has been using it (he has a Group Sales Generic Profile) and Caitlin has also been using it (she has the Receptionist Profile we've been using for years now). I love the concept, but it's a tiny bit confusing to set up -- meaning more work for me, but eventually less work for Donn, who sets up the Profiles on our computers.

He still had to set up a full Profile, as we're still working with the fact that we moved from one OS (operating system) to another from last year to this year. And for that matter, last year our Waterfront Intern didn't have a Profile set up at all! She was primarily an on-site person -- and will be again this year, too. But Steven asked me to give her a Profile, so I'm doing that -- seeing as he's down a full person this year (he had one other assistant last year that he doesn't have in 2017).

It's currently 1:30 a.m. and I got up to fix my pills (which I didn't get done earlier today), take my night time pills and blog, of course.

I was so tired earlier tonight that I had a nap and slept pretty soundly until an hour or so ago...

But I had so much to get done today that I needed to finish the above Profile setup.

This morning I called about Henry's pills, seeing as I hadn't heard anything about them. I was told they'd left a message for me, but I never got it! Anyway, they were saying I needed to see the vet BEFORE they could refill the medicine. Henry takes it EVERY SINGLE DAY -- and the couple of times he's been off it, he's gotten sick and nearly died. I told them what our schedules were like this time of year. I told them about Henry's health.

And I said what I also say about my OWN medication whenever there's a question about getting something filled: I can't take what I don't have. So the answer is simple. I just won't take the pills until I finally have them. Obvious, right? And Henry can't take pills I don't have to give him. But I said exactly what I just wrote above: Not taking his pills could KILL him.

One of the main issues is that nobody can relate to working these sort of hours -- early morning until late at night, six and seven days of the week. And they aren't open full hours on the weekend (obviously), so...

Then I call back and ask about getting him in today. June has agreed to take me in (Marilyn certainly cannot!). They have ONE 'emergency' appointment available -- meaning that walking in the door to see a vet will cost $85 without any treatment or medication (!!!).

But eventually the vet on call (who has seen Henry before) calls me back. She says we can bring him in when the festival is over and she'll fill the prescription today! She actually has a friend who has worked for the festival, so she understands our hours. (When I told Marilyn that she said she doubted the vet actually does understand, but oh well...)

By the way! Henry was in on May 28 last year -- so it has NOT been a year since they've seen him! Technically, they have to see him at least once a year to give him his pills. It's Oregon state law. But we're still inside the one year! I think they should have been far more cooperative from the get-go. As I told the young man I first talked with, we've been going to this clinic since I was in high school -- and I'm now in my 60's. (He's young. We've gone there since before he was even born.) We went to the clinic when it was at it's prior location! When Dr. McCoy was still in charge (before he retired). You'd think that they would be able to make allowances for people who have been with them for DECADES, wouldn't you? Customer service has certainly changed...

So this afternoon June and I went there and got Henry's pills. Then to Riteaid to get my prescriptions. Then we went over to Walmart to shop (the local small Walmart). The good news??? I finally found my SOY SAUCE I've been shopping for over and over again! I like La Choy, but it's nearly impossible to find. Plus I found Marilyn's popcorn salt!!! I've been having such a hard time finding it that I actually ordered it at, but it was going to take ages to get here. The last two times we had popcorn Marilyn didn't even like it, because of no popcorn salt (it's butter flavored).

June and I both picked up a few other things. And it was starting to rain when we headed home, but the weather was pretty decent aside from that. Except that it was cold again today and I had to run the furnace again. In May!!!

June and I were both hanging on to our shopping carts and limping around the store -- but at least we were out shopping! My hips are still giving me fits. And this cold weather doesn't help at all. Today my right wrist is swollen and painful, too. I need to be patient, because sometimes the steroids don't go to work right away. And I just got the injections late on Friday, so...

I got WAY TOO MANY STEPS today -- more than 5,000! I'm supposed to be doing as little walking as possible for several days. Little wonder I'm in all this pain. Hahaha. It's not always easy to do what you're supposed to. And tomorrow it will be IMPOSSIBLE! I have to go up and down stairs when I'm in the office.

I actually enjoy training new personnel, by the way. And Grace is a very sweet girl (our current Queen).

Marilyn and I just ate this and that for dinner. I had leftover fried rice and peanuts. She had peanuts and those 'baby' tomatoes with dressing. Plus we had our popcorn! (smile)

She had one hell of a busy day at work today. And Jessica was out with a migraine. We're already planning how the two of us will get a bunch of work done on Saturday to make up for Jessica not being in. We've done it before, and we can certainly do it again -- no matter how long it takes!

Marilyn got her formation area map done today!!!!!!!!! That's a huge project. I only had to tell her one small thing about the software -- she did the whole thing by herself.

Our ballots are ready to go -- we need to hand deliver them tomorrow. They've been sitting here for ages waiting for us to sign them and finish up the process. (We have mail ballots here in Oregon.)

I just heard noise in the living room and had to go check it out. I thought maybe Marilyn was awake and up, but it was Colin playing under the coffee table with his beloved tissue paper. Hahaha.

Time for bed. Training days are hard -- I guess because I'm very serious about helping the new person to adjust and learn. These are intense days, but well worth it.

I'm probably forgetting things. Oh well! Sweet dreams, friends...
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