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Visiting Funtastic (the Float Warehouse) to See the Horses Pull Their Float!

Today is my friend Mark's birthday. I've already wished Adeena Happy Birthday, but Mark doesn't follow my blog (so I didn't post for him here). It's been ages since I saw Mark, and I miss him... Just an aside!

Anyway, our friend Adeena came over around 10:30-ish so we could head out to Funtastic where the SCI float warehouse is located again this year. We were going there to see the Clydesdale horses that were trying out pulling the horse-drawn float for this year. (It's been ages since we've had a horse-drawn float, and these are always really cool.) It was supposed to be happening originally at 11:00, and we were running really late in the heavy traffic!

Marilyn gets a text from Gene and it's been delayed...

We three go to find Starbucks. The plan is to have coffee and for Adeena to open her small bag of gifts. The first place where we get our Starbucks was so packed there was no place to sit down! So we hunt up another Starbucks where we can sit down -- and Adeena opens up things. (Just a few small gifts to show her we were thinking about her.)

We had hoped we could go to a matinee movie after seeing the horses, but it ran so late that there wasn't time. Adeena needed to be home for her birthday dinner with her family at 5:00 -- then she had a long drive to go to a concert with a friend.

It was VERY COOL seeing the horses pull the float! Right now it's just the frame, but even that is COOL. Giant wheels that made even those big horses look small.

And as we were driving home, we found the billboard of Marilyn and Adeena and took some photos! (It's out on 82nd Avenue.) Very exciting that they're on that billboard!

We came directly home afterwards and it was raining by then. And it was SO COLD today! Around 50'.

Adeena stayed for a bit, then had to leave. And Marilyn and I went to get deli food from Safeway. We were happy to get home again and out of the rain!

We ate and settled in upstairs in the living room. Eventually I went into my bedroom for a nap. (My bed has a magnetic mattress and I think it's nice to lie on when I'm having pain.)

Funny Note: Henry came in to me and just howled and howled to wake me! He was COLD and wanted to climb under the blanket with me! Very sweet. He stayed there for ages, curled up against me.

I eventually got up. I had been playing METV in my bedroom, but mostly sleeping through the first shows. But I was up to see most of Wonder Woman, anyway (and recall seeing the end of The Wild, Wild West).

We moved down to the family room and I turned the heat up (!!!). Imagine running the furnace in May!!! On and off it was POURING DOWN RAIN. At one point it was like a waterfall looking out the front door to our porch, where water was coming down from the gutters. I ended up calling Hector to ask him when he could come out to clean them (he's coming tomorrow). I had asked him before, but I'm not sure he remembered that...

And it just rained and rained -- and is raining right now.

I made popcorn for Svengoolie. The movie was Gargoyles, a made-for-TV movie from 1972.

By the way, I FORGOT to mention yesterday that we found out that Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp are (finally) ENGAGED!!! From the photos, he gave her quite a large rock! Some diamond. We're very happy for them. They had obvious charisma on Revenge.

I'm dealing with my hips and the effects of my shots. I'm sure I'm going to feel much better quite soon. And I shouldn't have walked that much today, but oh well...

And that's our Saturday. We have a lot planned for tomorrow (including going to the office to work).

I spoke to Donn who was planning to call June. I never heard any more about it. I wonder how that went???
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