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Website and IT Work -- Bursa Injections for My Hips

I got up around 2:00 a.m. last night to do the garbage and recycling (and to blog). And stayed up with Marilyn (who got up to do her hair) until 6:00 (actually awake for a bit past that, but in bed at 6:00). So I guess I shouldn't feel embarrassed that I didn't actually WAKE UP again until the phone rang just before 10:00 a.m. -- but I am embarrassed! I don't normally sleep that late! I guess it's partly being sleepy, and probably partly the fact that I had two drinks at the Board Meeting, and a beer at Hooters with Jeff (smile). Marilyn and I really don't drink that much, so that's more than I'm used to. Marilyn was smart and had a soda at Hooters.

And of course Marilyn was able to be up and off to work for her 8:00 meeting, no matter what! She's incredible, there's no doubt about it.

My call was from Jessica P. at the office, who wanted to put a couple of Rhino-created maps up on the website. These are the vendor/exhibitor locations for CityFair, so I happen to think it's a great idea! And all I needed to do was take PDFs and load them, then link them. Worked like a charm!

I was also in touch with our other Jessica about the Volunteer page. I feel REALLY CONFIDENT about using the Volunteer page now -- though I must say it probably wouldn't hurt for me to document exactly how you do things there. I did a careful step-by-step of the unusual entry item, but haven't bothered to describe putting up the normal stuff. I know how to do it, but it would be good to teach others how, as well. Sure, Fish can do it for us, but it's really not necessary. We (meaning I) know how. And I doubt it takes me any longer than the savvy people at Fish. (smile)

Marilyn had asked me yesterday about the Grand Floral Walk and the need for volunteers. I hadn't heard from Jessica about it, so I reached out to her. We discussed it, and she sent me some verbiage. Then I just needed to get in and use the widget to set it up. The biggest annoyance with that is how you PLACE the items! It's drag-and-drop, but you can't SEE where you're dropping an item! So you drag. You drop. You check where it landed. You drag again and drop again. And so on. And finally get it where you want it! Hahaha.

While in looking at CityFair, I realized those pages did NOT follow the new guidelines I set for this year (changed from last year). So I did a bunch of tweaking and re-tweaking until I had it the way I wanted it. There are a few major things that still need to happen, but it's looking good so far, anyway!

I texted with Kris today. I had hoped to chat with him, but he was in a meeting in Eugene. Hopefully we'll talk soon.

I also took time at 1:00 to go over to June's house to help her with her computer. She told me on the phone she was having trouble with BOTH her iPad and computer. But when I got over there, she didn't really have any iPad issues. She was just confused by a few things. She'd been looking at some displayed on Tumblr -- a photo of a beautiful door handle made of blue glass. She wanted to find out more about it, such as could she buy it? And she was trying to click on the image with no results, so she thought it 'wasn't working.' I had to explain that it was just an image someone had shared. And it didn't DO anything but sit there, static.

While discussing several questions she had, she mentioned that she was frequently being asked to log in to some place using her Facebook. As you know, this is often something you do, right? But she would be at some random site, and it would ask her for her Facebook info, including her password -- and then nothing would happen. It was difficult to explain that this was probably a PHISHING site. And it was tricking her into giving out her information. (It's explained very well HERE.) June is certainly NOT alone in being tricked -- it happens all the time! This stuff is made to seem REAL, after all! But I'm trying to keep her safe. Actually, part of what I do is trying to keep a lot of people safe. It's just difficult to make people understand the risks sometimes...

I did check her Facebook page to see if she'd been hacked, by saw no sign. She hadn't given out any additional information, aside from her password. So hopefully she's okay. I saw no unusual activity at her account -- and I do see people getting hacked all the time, believe me.

Then I tried to fix the VERY WELL KNOWN issue she was having with Firefox and Windows 10. When June originally showed me what was happening, I was wondering what was up with Firefox. But this is apparently more about Windows 10! (And from what I've read, it's again about Microsoft Edge -- and you all know how I feel about that!) Chris Beard (the CEO of Mozilla) wrote an OPEN LETTER entitled: An Open Letter to Microsoft’s CEO: Don’t Roll Back the Clock on Choice and Control. He said: "Sometimes we see great progress, where consumer products respect individuals and their choices. However, with the launch of Windows 10 we are deeply disappointed to see Microsoft take such a dramatic step backwards." This is a disturbing trend, whether you personally like Edge or not. User choice should never be overlooked, in my opinion.

There were several other issues that June had that deeply concerned me! In Word her MENU had disappeared! I've never seen that before! And it's not a common issue, though it does happen. And according to one source it's a very bad sign. She also has THREE different versions of My Documents on her computer! And all three contain different things!

Well, I had hoped to spend twenty minutes at June's house -- and not more than two hours. I took water along, but had not eaten. And I needed to get home, do a little more work and then get ready to go to my doctor appointment early this evening (Marilyn was coming home to take me).

So I got right on the phone to Donn and asked him to get in touch with June and FIX THIS STUFF. He's the one who encouraged her to get Windows 10 -- I was pushing her to consider Windows 7. Mostly because, as I said to her (and Donn), I'm the one who lives right next door. Hahaha. So why get a browser that I'm not comfortable with or experienced in using? I find it a pain to navigate. Trying hard to locate the file for Word was IMPOSSIBLE -- and I'm telling you now that no version of Word to date is missing that file. Crazy.

Actually, Donn seemed willing to return her to Win7 -- and suggested it right off! I wasn't really suggesting that, though June had also suggested it to me while I was there.

I didn't hear any more from either of them -- but they knew my focus for the rest of the day was seeing the doctor and getting my shots, so that's no surprise. Hopefully things went well. Donn was planning to Remote in to her machine. And then follow it up with a visit...

I took a shower and washed my hair. Marilyn came home and we went to the clinic. I already knew some of my lab results, which were really good. Leslie suggested increasing my insulin dose -- and skipping Glipizide as needed (to avoid lows). We chatted several things, and then Marilyn went out and she gave me my shots (which is two in each bursa of the hip). They hurt, but oh well. I'm looking forward to the long-term effect!

I told her I'd like to go back to running, but she really didn't want me to do that. And she had specific instructions about how I should do it if I insisted on it. She would prefer me to bike, rather than run. I've had so many dreams recently about running that it seems like it's beckoning to try. But maybe it's just impossible with my various joint problems now...

I love to walk, and Leslie showed concern about all the stairs I climb regularly. But she didn't discourage me about that, thankfully! Stairs are a part of my life...

She did test my range of motion while doing the shots and was QUITE IMPRESSED with how flexible I am! That made me feel good. She said it was obvious I worked hard on my flexibility, and I told her I really didn't have a choice, as my work called for me to be able to get up and down! (smile)

My A1C number was improved, but she wants it lower still. Hopefully that will happen with increasing my insulin dose. She suggested a new medication for my triglycerides -- but I looked it up and am NOT HAPPY with all the side effects! I don't think I'm going to go there... (sigh)

Marilyn says that it's probably impossible to get total balance, no matter how hard we try. So I settle for a lot of good numbers -- which included my blood pressure, by the way!

Now I need to take it easy for several days after those injections. I was SO THIRSTY I just keep drinking and drinking water. Steroids make you thirsty. As I've been retaining water, I imagine I'll blow up like a balloon! Hahaha.

Well, time for bed (it's now 2:00 a.m.). Last time I got the shots I had major insomnia (another side effect), so maybe that's why I'm wide awake right now. Hahahahaha. But we have plans tomorrow, so...

I'd share more about that, but I'm just toast now.

I did do more website work when I got done with dinner (which was leftovers and peanuts). I had to change the maps Jessica P. had given me for new ones (she phoned while I was at June's). And I finally finished up the additions to the Volunteer page -- it looks great!

I actually LOVE learning new things all the time. I use to love finding ways to constantly improve the website, for example -- and I still enjoy that, a decade later!

Life is good. I'm sorry that today was cold (brr) and rainy and just nasty. And tomorrow will be, too. But oh well.

Sweet dreams!
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