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Busy Day -- Spring Board Meeting

It was a busy day, working on the festival website. Tweaking out pages and so on.

And I spent a lot of time on my IT project, too. I want to figure out how to BLOCK Adobe updates from every single computer at our office.

And believe it or not, I'm NOT alone alone! Tons of offices want to do the exact same thing. And you can find them all over the internet looking for instructions on HOW to accomplish this task. And, no, I'm not talking about changing the option inside Adobe products -- because it doesn't 'stick.' Adobe has made it impossible to really TURN OFF getting updates. Here are the SUPPOSED choices:
  • Notify me of critical updates before downloading
  • Download critical updates and notify me before installing
  • Do not automatically check for critical updates
  • Display notification dialog at startup
  • Display installation complete dialog

  • Automatically install updates
  • Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them
  • Notify me, but let me choose when to download and install updates
  • Do not download or install updates automatically

But I'm NOT the only one who has discovered that even if you seclect 'Do not automatically check for critical updates,' and deselect 'Display notification dialog at startup,' and 'Display installation complete dialog,' (OR 'Do not download or install updates automatically') these will change -- as if my magic! (Black magic, that is. Hahaha.)

I've never known any other update to be as AGGRESSIVE as Adobe updates are! I've never seen so many CRASHES of other softwares -- and actual computer crashes -- as happen when Adobe updates are happening.

This is what happened with Jessica's computer last night. That's why Marilyn and I had to go down to the office last night (late) to check on her machine! She had a bunch of softwares crash and lost a bunch of her work due to Adobe updates. And I wouldn't have put it together if it hadn't happened to both Marilyn and me many, many times in the past! The minute I told Marilyn it was Adobe updates, she totally understood the problem...

You'd think there would be some SIMPLE answer to the issue, but heck no! I want something that will seriously STOP these updates, period. That doesn't mean we don't want any updates -- but I want them to be ENTIRELY manual. (Donn would do them, in other words -- but nobody else!)

So I looked at registry key changes. I looked at business Firewall blocks. And so on. On and on and on. I have a slew of notes, but I'm still not sure what method I'm going to use.

I did get a start on the garbage and recycling (it's real garbage week), too. And cleaned up in the family room again. (We've been eating in-the-shell peanuts, so you can imagine the mess that makes! Hahah.)

I talked at length with Donn about all of this. And told him about deleting the .ost from Jessica's Outlook -- another common fix for Outlook that people use all the time.

I did speak to my friend June around 2:00 p.m. She had NOT read the email I sent her late last night, I'm afraid. I felt bad about that, as I was trying hard to keep in touch with her in spite of being busy. (And she frequently doesn't get a chance to read my blog.)

No, I haven't had any contact with our sister Sue. It seems odd, but I'm forcing myself to get used to it.

Adeena and I were in touch quite a bit, as she was going to pick me up for the Board Meeting which was starting at 5:30 p.m.

Have I mentioned it's currently 2:30 a.m.? I just got up so I could blog -- and finish up the garbage and recycling. It was HARD pulling myself out of bed when the alarm went off at 2:00...

Before Adeena and I went over to the Moda Center (the Rose Room -- such a nice venue!!!), we ran up to Freddies so I could turn in my plastic sharps containers full of used syringes. Thankfully Freddies take them for a small fee -- but I discovered Riteaid does NOT. Why wouldn't ALL pharmacies do this? I mean, what else is a person supposed to do? And people wonder why these end up in the garbage and so on! First, sharps containers are expensive! I was shocked how much my last one cost! Then you have to dispose of them carefully, as they're a bio hazard. (sigh) But THANK YOU to Fred Meyer for providing this service! It's $3.00 a container for them to take these and dispose of them...

Then because of HORRIBLE TRAFFIC (as always now here in Portland), we didn't get to the Garden Garage until just around 5:30! Many people were already there, including Marilyn (we parked right next to her).

Anyway, the Board Meeting went really well. No bells and whistles, which was NICE. Jeff was the MC and did a great job! Carla did a great job, too. Heidi from The Bloom Project spoke. This is our official charity for 2017 -- they provide fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients by re-purposing flowers to create bouquets. This year they'll be using Grand Floral Parade flowers for this purpose -- it's a perfect fit.

I wore my pretty lime green top -- and my new shoes that were given to Staff members this year! I got a lot of compliments on that top. And one person complimented my hair! Nice!

I worked the entire room and talked to all the board members! And got many, many hugs and kisses. (smile) I also had a couple of drinks (gin and cranberry juice), but very little food. I was so busy chatting with people that I missed out on the food! (A shame, as the food at this venue is WONDERFUL.)

I was very, very impressed with the members of our 2017 court! I got to talk to most of the girls, and they're pretty amazing. A great group of young women.

Liam Frost was there, representing the City of Portland (he gave a wonderful speech). (Neither the Mayor nor Commissioner Nick Fish were able to attend as they were in a budget meeting -- one that Leslie left to attend and testify on behalf of the festival!)

After the meeting ended we came home. Then we contacted Jeff and agreed to meet him at Hooters for our usual after meeting drink and snacks. That was also nice and has become a tradition (just Adeena, Jeff, Marilyn and me).

I was so TIRED when I got home that I was ready to go right to sleep. Marilyn conked out on the family room sofa and I went to bed. But now I need to get the garbage and recycling DONE! So off I go to finish up. Gosh, I'm tired and hope it doesn't take too long.

It was another LONG and BUSY day. But satisfying! This is just a very busy time of year.

I need to wake poor Marilyn, as she needs to do her hair (!!!). She has a meeting at 8:00 a.m. sharp -- and will appear in a video tomorrow. She's had another killer week, no doubt about it!

LiveJournal is now prompting me to use HASHTAGS -- I guess in the tags window. And I quote: Feel free to use hashtags. The # symbol is procedes the tag followed by one of more keywords that will properly lead individuals to conversations and discussions pertaining to a specific topic or theme. Hmm... I have a pretty serious system with all my damn tags as it is! Hahaha.

Sleep well, friends!
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