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A Crazy IT Day -- PLUS: Fixed the Volunteer Page at the Website!!!

I was awake before 6:30 this morning. Marilyn had executive meeting this morning super early. I'd been thinking I could go in with her to try and help Jessica with her computer issues which had come up at 10:30 the night before (via text)...

But Marilyn suggested I come to the office with Adeena, which worked out GREAT, by the way! So on her way to the office she picked me up. I was dressed in black slacks and my summery pink and red flowered top that I've had forever. It's flimsy, so you have to wear something under it that can be semi-seen. Very long, flowing sleeves. Anyway, I thought it looked nice! That was for our afternoon/evening event today.

Marilyn was wearing a FABULOUS dress (!!!) with her wonderful boots and did she look fantastic! Wow.

Actually, I thought Marilyn, Adeena and I all looked nice for the event. (smile)

I no sooner got to the office than I was approached by SEVERAL people about IT-related subjects. I'd wanted to go off for Starbucks, but was tied up for some time!

Poor hurting Donn (who has a bad back) had to come in to help me. I had him Profile a totally different computer for Jessica. Ashley drove him in and helped him move equipment (as he can't lift right now). She's such a sweet girl. I can't say how much I appreciated Donn's help today!

I got Calisa to help Christie with her PDF issue. I helped Jessica P. with her issue about the CityFair email address and accessing it. Plus several other things came up.

My hips were paining me a lot today. That staircase really kills me during a flare-up!!!

I got an email from David at Fish about how to work with the Volunteer form. It was hard to decipher (and contained some inaccurate info), but I eventually reasoned it all out! Then I wrote down how to do it step by step -- and shared it with David and Brit, as well...

I was delighted when I finally got it to work! And actually Ashley was a big help! She sat with me and was very supportive as I worked through the code. Again, such a sweet young girl. She's very into horses and an amazing rider, too.

Donn did several other tasks for me, which, again, I appreciated more than I can say. Coming to work in that much pain is impressive to me.

It was nice to see everyone -- and they are always so warm with me. I like the Team I work with.

We got our clothes today. The blue pullovers are very nice! It's logo wear -- part of our annual casual uniform. We also got SHOES for the first time ever this year. How nice is that?

The event was nice. Held at a partner brewery, both in and out of doors (on the terrace). The weather was sunny with blue skies and hot -- perfect for this event. Our wine label was revealed and our beer label, too. And some of the 1977 Trail Blazers (the Championship team) were there, too.

A big crowd showed up. The wine was good and the food (snacks) was great.

After that we headed back to the office. Adeena was kind enough to take me home -- stopping at Safeway so I could pick up Chinese food for dinner on the way. She's been such a big help both at work and personally recently. Both Marilyn and I appreciate it.

I never had time to see June either yesterday or today. And tomorrow is the Board Meeting. So maybe I'll get to see her on Friday... I still need to check out her computer.

Tonight late (around 9:30-ish) Jessica phoned and was having more computer trouble. So Marilyn and I headed back to the office. I worked on her computer, trying a few things. For her Outlook I deleted the .ost file so it could rebuild. This is often quite helpful. She was having some other software crashing, too.

Guess what? It turns out it was damn Adobe (!!!) UPDATING software!!! I can't say how many times Adobe has screwed up computers I'm working with when it does updates. I'm not sure why that is, but it's almost always true! So that was undoubtedly the issue tonight for Jessica. Anyway, things were running smoothly, finally.

And when she had finished her work and was ready to go, Marilyn and I drove her to her car in the parking garage. Then headed back home.

Time to head to bed! We've had a very long day (and it's nearly 1:00 now). I was yawning like crazy when Adeena drove me home. But I got my second wind when we went back in to the office tonight!

Marilyn is amazing, as always. Jessica was working away late -- shades of Centennial year! And I was proud to do my part. It's what I do, after all.

Not sure how tomorrow will go.

I need to phone in Henry's pills (he's nearly out!!!).

I did vote. We need to drop off our ballots (school election).

Can't think what else I'm forgetting. Tomorrow is another busy day! Time to get in bed.

Sleep well!
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