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Friendship Matters . AND I'm Tired Tonight.

I was very busy today. Partly with IT and very much with the website.

I was really pleased with my website work yesterday -- especially with the Volunteer form. Not so much today! What I was trying to do there is apparently IMPOSSIBLE using the widget we have loaded. And as far as I can see I can't just CODE the form -- I'm stuck with the widget. (sigh) I spent AGES on this today before I realized I was stuck.

I reached Brit by phone, but she and David were headed to a meeting. I wrote a very DETAILED email to her. She replied by asking about another page entirely that had nothing to do with what I'm working on. Either I was clear enough (seriously???), or...

I ended up frustrated, to say the least.

Caitlin had a phone issue. A man accidentally was trying to send a message to Rich, and somehow managed to automate his system to call over and over and over again. Caitlin wanted help to cancel it, but I knew when she called that it wasn't OUR END. But I had her get in touch with Inflow (our phone support people), who told her the same thing. Hard to believe there's no way to cancel an incoming call in this day and age. I never did hear the outcome of that one...

I did festival work until just before 4:00. Then I went and finished my cleaning in the Family Room from yesterday. It's looking quite nice, I think! It's only one room, but that's better than none. I worked slowly and carefully, trying to give my hips a break. The pain is bad, but I'm dealing with it okay, I think. (But I'm really looking forward to those shots on Friday!!!)

I'd talked to Adeena, who was coming by to take me shopping. I had time after cleaning to take a shower and wash my hair -- and considering it was pretty warm in here today, I really needed it. Hahaha. I was a sweatball. I was mostly ready to go when she arrived promptly at 6:00 p.m. (as we'd planned).

We went to pick up Marilyn's prescription first. Marilyn had had me call this morning to make sure they wouldn't send it back. But their policy is strict! You have a certain number of days to get it, then back it goes, no matter what. Seriously? Anyway, we got it, so it's fine.

Then we went to Freddies and I got several things. And we had Starbucks, which was very nice!

Shopping is fun with Adeena! I really enjoy it. We chat, plus she's a huge help with remembering what I need to buy.

Then we headed to Safeway, hoping to get food at the deli. But Marilyn had said we'd be too late, and we were. Oh well.

We headed back home and were just getting there when Marilyn called with an IT emergency in the office! I can't remember exactly what time it was, but I'd say around 7:00-ish. So Adeena kindly drove me straight downtown to the office.

Jessica's computer had disconnected from the network. That same computer had done the same thing to Katie when it was her computer. (sigh) I tried to walk Marilyn through fixing it over the phone, but when I couldn't do that I knew I needed to put my hands on it.

I tried a couple of things, then finally got the batch file (I keep it on a jump drive) and ran it again on the computer.

Meanwhile Marilyn and Jessica were going through the timed line-up of the GFP (which Marilyn has been trying to get done for days now).

It didn't take me all that long to fix the issue, once again. I think the phone at Jessica's station needs replacing, but we'll save that for another day! As long as it's working, we'll leave it alone.

So Adeena and I were hanging around while they kept working. When they finished I headed home with Marilyn and Adeena went on home to Battle Ground. It was past 9:00, so I felt bad for Adeena, who had missed dinner at home. But I also felt sorry for Jessica, who was still in the office working when we three left. And for Marilyn who has an early morning meeting first thing tomorrow!

Adeena might come to drive me in for the EVENT we have tomorrow. We'll see how that goes... Marilyn only plans to be there for an hour, as she has so much work to do in the office. And Jessica isn't going at all, she has such a long list.

Thursday night is our annual Board Meeting. My 'joke' is ALWAYS: There are only two excuses for missing a board meeting -- you're in the hospital, or... YOU'RE DEAD. (I'm only half-joking, really. I think staff needs to always attend board meetings. We have four a year, one each season. The spring meeting is pretty important, right before the start of the festival.)

I'm really tired tonight. I think I'll go straight to bed after I blog. (It's now around 12:30...)

Poor Marilyn. She's felt under the weather and has a sore throat. I hope she's not getting sick. She really doesn't have time for it, for one thing. And she doesn't deserve it. We've worked hard on getting more sleep recently. And eating better and better.

Speaking of, she looks FABULOUS. She's lost a bunch of weight (slowly and carefully), and is into her smaller clothes. She just gave me a bag of clothes to get rid of, which I'm offering to cousin Linda. (Linda's not sure they'll be big enough to fit her, but I suggested she give them a try, anyway. Some of them seem nearly new -- and very stylish.)

Marilyn works out, too. And the other day I felt her arms (can't recall why), and they're like IRON. Wow. She's really got some muscles going! I just think she looks so good.

I did go outside for a few minutes today to take photos of the pink dogwood before it goes over. The blossoms are already starting to go. Today was sunny, warm (hot!) and the sky was blue and beautiful.

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, all!
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