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Hector Does the Yard -- I Clean Just a Tiny Bit...

I was happy that Hector was able to come and work on the yard today. It really, really needed it! While he was here a neighbor from down the street came by and introduced himself and his dog, Baxter. His name is Steve. We three were chatting about our broken tree near the garage...

Even though the one section of our yard is DEAD (Hector killed it because it was all moss and weeds), even that part looked better when he got done. He has more to do, but it was a major improvement, no doubt about it.

And I thought Hector looked good, too. He'd lost weight and seemed more himself. I certainly hope he's doing better.

I learned something entirely NEW at the website today!!! It's such a pleasure to know you can teach an old dog (me) new tricks! Hahaha. Seriously, I had worked with the Volunteer form before, but if I ever added a section, I don't remember doing it. So I just reasoned it out today so I could add Starlight clean-up to the page. It worked like a charm!

I also fixed some code on the Attractions page at CityFair for Calisa -- another case where you'd never understand what's wrong if you can't actually read and work with HTML code. Not that I couldn't teach it to Calisa -- I think she could totally learn. I'm hoping we can spend some time together on it this summer and fall...

And I added the Grand Marshal for Starlight to the parade page, too...

I was basically tweaking out a bunch of things at the website.

And in the morning Rich and I reviewed the Press Release getting ready for the GFP Grand Marshal announcement which was today. But he later contacted me to say the Trail Blazers wanted us to hold off putting it at our website or sending out the release until tomorrow (no clue why, as the event had happened!). Adeena got good photos, so I'm using one of those. And Rich had given me a vintage shot I'm also using (of the 1977 Championship team).

I talked to June a couple of times. And to Jessica M. and Jessica P. at the office. Jessica called early to thank me for her 'beach in a box.' (smile)

Prayers for Donn would be appreciated. He said he barely tweaked his back on Friday, but it got worse and worse. Today he spent five hours (!!!) at the hospital with a back so painful he could barely move. He said it was all he could do to put his jeans on! They didn't find anything serious and sent him home with muscle relaxants and heavy-duty pain pills. Poor man!!!

Christine contacted both of us about another Quickbooks issue. Donn's going to check into it tomorrow Remotely... (So sick of Quickbook problems!)

Marilyn had a meeting after work and didn't get home until past 9:00 -- then we dashed to the store and were stuck waiting and waiting in line. Good grief. Safeway has BAD SERVICE. It used to have the best service of all the stores in St. Johns. (sigh)

She had a drink and some Mexican food during her meeting, so she'd eaten before finally getting home. I had my curry noddles for lunch (the easy version I make), and cottage cheese for dinner. But after Marilyn got home we picked up some cheddar cheese, so I had some of that with sausage and crackers. Yummy! And Marilyn ate a few peanuts in the shell. (We both love those!)

This reminds me! I got my lab results today via email. It's not detailed results, I'm afraid. For whatever reason our clinic doesn't have a website that shows full reports of lab numbers like other sites. But Leslie had written that my diabetic results were better (with room for improvement). That means I'm still diabetic (duh), but things are better right now. Hahaha. My iron is a bit low but I'm not anemic. So why worry??? And my cholesterol??? I was down 32 points! I'm pretty pleased about that. I'll see what else she says when I go to my appointment this Friday.

I did our bedding today and made up the beds. Fresh sheets are so nice.

I also cleaned in the family room a bit. I was taking it very easy because of my flare-up (especially my sore hips), so I didn't get it done, I'm afraid. But it was a start, anyway.

I also used Goof Off to get the last of the sticky goo from the bottom of those glasses I bought recently! The glasses might be cheap, but the stickers are on there to stay. First I tried to peel them off. Then I used tape to try and get more off. Then I scraped them. Then I ran them through the dishwasher. Still sticky!!! Then I used the Goof Off, which has a strong odor. Then it was BACK into the dishwasher. Now they're finally CLEAN!

I think we'll keep some for the beach house (not sure yet). The rest are going to the office, as I planned. Marilyn and I really like them. We've been using the two I got and decided to keep. It's amazing what NICE GLASSWARE you can get for a dollar each!!!

Marilyn is pretty tired tonight. She's sound asleep on the sofa in the family room. She had another tough day.

I'm pleased with what I got done today, even though I'd had more items on my list. I'll work on those tomorrow.

I still need to pick up a few more things from the store, hopefully tomorrow. I got bottled water on sale (!!!) at Safeway tonight, so I won't need that. But I could use more pop and a few other items (I have a list somewhere).

Marilyn and I are both dealing with swollen feet right now. Mine is probably part of my current flare-up. Not sure why she's having the problem. But we're not as bad as my friend June! Her legs and feet are very bad. She's supposed to be on diuretics, but told me she doesn't take them. I think it's pretty important to take them -- it was a constant issue with my sister Sue. She was even hospitalized with water weight gain...

I was so thirsty today! I just kept drinking a TON of water. Oh. It was a beautiful, sunny day!

I called the alarm people to chat my alarm after yesterday. Such a charming guy on the phone who said such sweet things to me! They have good service people. You just don't get good customer service most of the time anymore...

I talked to cousin Linda today!!! What a lovely surprise! She might come by the office next week.

Well, time for bed. Goodnight!
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