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Bad Day? We're ALWAYS Blessed.

No. Today did not even BEGIN to go as planned.

We slept in. Really late. Seriously late. We were both exhausted. These terribly long weeks with late hours take a toll on Marilyn. And for me, pain messing up my sleep has been tough.

No, we're not feeling sorry for ourselves. We realize how fortunate we are. But facts are facts. We were both exhausted this morning and needed the sleep.

When we did get up, we were slow getting dressed and ready to go out. Then we headed to our nail shop. It was PACKED. Every pedicure station was full. And a bunch of women were waiting. And they close at 6:00 on Sundays. "Come back tomorrow" they suggest. Right. We gave up and decided we'd live with our manicures and pedicures until next weekend.

Obviously we worked yesterday, so we couldn't get it done then. And we would have had to go in earlier today. The sleep was far more important.

Then we drive toward downtown Portland, heading to the office to work. We just couldn't get there for the traffic!!! On a Sunday!!! Traffic in this city is ridiculous. Then we decide it's a sign we should skip work today. And we sit in a TON of traffic getting back home again.

We went to Walgreens. Marilyn needed more peppermint oil capsules, and I wanted to see if they will dispose of used syringes -- and get a new container for these. The pharmacy was, of course, closed. We really can't relate with the hours most people keep. I'm not kidding. We keep long hours pretty much all year round, and especially this time of year. I pretty much hate how difficult it is to find time to do things like I've mentioned.

We get home and we're watching TV -- and suddenly the power goes off, and right back on again! We're startled. Everything in the house is shutting down. Xfinity TV takes several minutes to power back up again, and before that can happen, we lose power AGAIN! Each time it happens the television/cable does the routine. And we have a security system that FREAKS OUT when power goes down. And it makes a ton of annoying noises! In the past a power outage created a false alarm for us, and they sent the police and we were fined. So we're sensitive to this situation.

I try to phone June and Jim to check on them, but EVERY THREE MINUTES we lose power again. Over and over and over (Marilyn keeps track of each one, and when it happens). I try calling her cell, and still can't reach her. So I just go next door.

After talking to them, I'm headed home and a bunch of other neighbors come to talk to me. We all stand around trying to figure it out.

I had already called right away to report the issue to PGE. And Marilyn calls back and gets a recordig say it's 'ballons on the line.' WTF?

Well, more about this later, as we're heading to bed. It's after 3:00, believe it or not.

Happy news: We rented and watched "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

What a crazy-assed day. But it ended well (obviously we got our power back!). TV saved the day.

Sweet dreams!
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