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Busy Day at the Office

Still dealing with PAIN from my flare-up. Hips hurt so bad. And my toes have been bad, too. Plus I'm still having leg cramps. Yuck. And my blood sugar was out of whack this morning (too high), which happens when you have a lot of pain. Oh well.

Marilyn and I went over to see the mini-float warehouse, which was AMAZING!!! And they were working away on several floats. Gary found it and Carla helped him to get it -- and it's being leased to us free. Wonderful news, that's for sure...

Then we headed directly to the office to work.

Frustrating thing? I'd FORGOTTEN my phone here at home!!! At least I could use the App to 'find' it -- and could see it was here at the house. But how annoying not to have it for hours today!

We stayed for around six (plus) hours and both got a bunch of stuff done. Carol was there before we arrived. And Adeena came by to wait for her family (they were going to dinner and a game). And Jeff was there, too.

I ended up working on the ENTIRE Sanctioned Events list, reviewing it and tweaking out pages (and making necessary corrections). That went quite well. Part of the time I sat in Marilyn's office and did it on my iPad (believe it or not). I did the rest at my desk upstairs.

The only other person who reviewed every page was Caitlin. I'm so appreciative of her efforts that I'm going to take her a Starbucks card as a thank you. She's been amazing this year, I have to say...

Anyway! I'm done with those pages with two exceptions: The museum opening (I'm expecting an update) and the event we've never received, period, that's in August. The rest of them I'm going to leave as they are, regardless of what might happen going forward.

We made a bunch of other changes. Marilyn wrote a statement for us to put on the Home page, as the 'news' that we were cancelling our parades continues to circulate! Can you believe they took something about another event and without researching/checking their facts announced it repeatedly on a national level? Marilyn and Jeff have had to answer that question over and over and over again. So annoying!

There's no way we would cancel our parades.

Anyway, I also worked on the Visitor page (hotel listings). I had thought Calisa had done it, but it hadn't happened. So Carol asked me and I did it. And I fixed the Fleet page and the CityFair page (complicated!!!), too.

Marilyn got a TON OF COPY written for the Souvenir Program. I'd offered to help, but I think it's easier for her to just do it herself.

We'd talked about going to Cinco today (it's in the park right by our office), but we decided to way for tomorrow. We managed to get home right before 6:00, so we could see our usual METV shows. But interestingly enough, we didn't watch most of them this week, which was okay.

We had cottage cheese and sauteed cabbage for dinner. Then we had popcorn, too. (We hadn't had a bite to eat before dinner.)

And we played our game a little on our iPads, which was fun. We're both tired tonight. Time to head to bed. Back to work tomorrow! It's that time of year, after all. Sweet dreams.
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