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Happy Cinco de Mayo! A Very American Celebration!

Basically, Cinco de Mayo first became popular in the United States back in the 1960's -- and it's really about celebrating the importance of both diversity and unity. It's appreciation of our Hispanic community here in this country. It's not really a Mexican holiday at all, to tell you the truth...

But I think it does matter here, where I like to see how important our Hispanic community is in this nation.

Earlier today I read this: "Is Cinco de Mayo particularly significant this year?

Donald Trump’s election has bred some uncertainty and fear amongst some people of Mexican heritage in the United States. Mr Trump has favoured anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric, including a promise to deport all undocumented immigrants in the country and build a wall on the border with Mexico to keep people out.

Last year Mr. Trump tweeted out a photo of him eating a taco bowl (which is not a traditional Mexican dish) on Cinco de Mayo with the statement "I love Hispanics." But Mexican-Americans aren’t necessarily encouraged by that tweet or the president’s actual positions since, and some have said they are fearful of celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year because Mr. Trump has stepped up immigration enforcement since taking office."

One of my friends is a naturalized Mexican man that I dearly love. And when I talked to him after the election of President Trump, he was far more HOPEFUL and POSITIVE than many of my white American friends. He said we needed to stay positive, no matter what. (And I could tell you some stories about what this man has faced since his very difficult childhood and life.)

Anyway, I celebrate Cinco for all my Hispanic friends and all Hispanics everywhere -- but especially here in Oregon.

On that note -- hopefully not sounding too serious (smile) -- Marilyn and I will be working over the weekend (we have a lot to do). But we plan to go to the Cinco festival being held in Waterfront park today and this weekend. (Marilyn was actually already there twice today.)

A few quick notes about my day. Aside from work, I decided to take my friend June to lunch! We went to Fishwife (Fishwife Seafood Restaurant) on Lombard (which used to be a favorite of our Dad). Marilyn was excited when I told her we were going there and had me bring back fish for dinner. So I was lucky enough to have fish twice today! Yummy.

June and I went to the Dollar Tree again. Yesterday I got two glasses that Marilyn and I liked so much we decided to keep them. But I wanted to get more I could take to the office. So I did that.

And I found EXACTLY THE RIGHT CONTAINER today for a project I wanted to create years ago!!! I need to share a photo (maybe tomorrow). I call it 'Beach in a box.' Hahaha. It's a square container that I've put beach sand into (I've had that forever!). Then I add a plastic shovel (or beach rake), small pieces of driftwood, some shells, agates and so on. I'm missing the sea glass, because though I have a bunch of it, it's ALL AT THE OFFICE (!!!) -- I'll get some this weekend.

I gave a 'beach' to my friend June. And I made one for Rich and another for Jessica to take to them (both love the beach so much). And I have stuff to make more.

June really liked it, and hopefully Rich and Jessica will, too. Or they might think it's a crazy idea, who knows? Hahaha. I don't know why, I've just wanted to make those forever! Which is why I had a bucket of sand waiting and ready and another bucket of driftwood (just the right size). What I couldn't find were my SHELLS! We actually dashed back to the Dollar Tree so I could buy some there. I have TONS of shells somewhere, but they might all be at the beach house, I suppose. (I just can't believe I don't have any here at home! Well, I do NOW after buying them today, but I should have many, many more -- and a wider variety.)

Marilyn worked really LATE again today. She's certainly putting in long, long hours this week. She's inspirational, for sure. And she's looking SO GOOD! She had on a really nice blouse today. Her weight loss is very noticeable, I think. Actually she's had people saying very positive things to her lately (as well they should!). She did the treadmill last night, which I forgot to blog. Today she got so much walking in that she didn't need to do the treadmill...

A cold and rainy (on and off) day today. The weather is freaky. Yesterday I had the air conditioning on. Today it was chilly...

Yes, my hips are still killing me -- and they drove me mad last night. I kept waking up over and over again... I can't wait for those bursa injections next Friday! I don't mind the idea of those big needles at all (I swear). (smile)

Heading to bed. We're going to a warehouse tomorrow to check it out, then to the office. And maybe that break at Cinco!

Sunday we MUST GET MANICURES AND PEDICURES (sigh), even if we don't want to. Then back to the office to work. We've got a lot to get done this weekend, but I'm confident we'll do GREAT!!!

Good night and sweet dreams!
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