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Busy Day of Work - Shopping With June

It was 80 here in Portland today! Good grief. Talk about extremes. We always seem to go from cold and nasty to sunny and HOT -- not warm. I had the air conditioning on much of the day as it gets quite warm upstairs because of the huge windows in our living room. Heck, it's warm everywhere upstairs, really.

Marilyn had a difficult time waking me for my appointment this morning! I just haven't been sleeping well because of my flare-up in both hips. It makes it impossible to get comfortable and stay that way. So I end up tossing from side to side...

But she managed (she's a marvel!) -- and took me in plenty of time for my labs. I like the woman who works there. She's great at taking blood. But I knew I was so dehydrated that she'd have a time getting a vein, which was true. I'd told her to use the back of my hand and she did (the right hand). When I think what a baby I was for the early part of my life! And not I'm just 'stick me, whatever' when it happens. And I managed enough pee to finish up the labs (thankfully I hadn't allowed myself to do a drop after getting up).

Marilyn dropped me home and headed on to work. I settled in after putting on a pot of coffee and went straight to work on several projects.

I actually got a TON done today. I set up to train Grace (current Queen Grace, who is an intern this year) next week. Later in the day I set up a phone for both her and Annie, too.

I worked on more website stuff, including the Treasure Hunt page.

I just was sitting here with my eyes closed, drifting off!!! I think I need to head to bed. (It's nearly 2:00 a.m.)

Quick review of the day: I did the Volunteer page, which only took less than five minutes, believe it or not! Marilyn sent me the blurb for adding a request for mini-float decorators this year.

I swapped out my left monitor (monitor trouble AGAIN???), because the screen was 'jittery' (not a good description, but what the hell). It seemed okay at first, then the new monitor was jittery, too! I called Donn, and it could be the video card. But I'm over it. I just need to push through regardless! (At least I saved the old monitor, which is clearly fine! I was going to toss it.)

Marilyn had her final appearance with the Living History program tonight. It was a Rosarian dinner, and this was a chance to show them the performance, considering they've been paying to sponsor this program for years now! Marilyn said it went really well.

So obviously she had a long day and night!

June took me to the Dollar Tree and Freddies, where I did a little shopping. So nice of her!

And while working on the garbage and recycling, I spoke with Estelle across the street (she came over). She's 67 and just retired on Monday. She said she's had three naps in three days! Hahaha.

I did go out in the sunshine for a bit today (in the back yard). Boy, was it hot! I was quite sweaty.

Somehow I got well over my 4,000 steps (nearly 5,000, actually). Marilyn said it was 'doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing.' Hahaha. I had no clue I had walked that much.

At one point I went in to my bedroom and laid on top of the bed for several minutes. I have a magnetic mattress on that bed, so sometimes I think lying on it helps my hips (and other body pains). Maybe, mayber not, I guess.

Too tired to think straight. I did quite a bit more than I'm recording, but what the hell. I'll try and be better about blogging tomorrow night!

Sweet dreams.
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