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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Sunny Day -- Website Work (Mostly) 
sunshine, sunny
Marilyn didn't get home tonight until after 8:00 p.m. She barely had a break all day long (she and Adeena did take a walk, she said -- but no Starbucks for her!).

I spent most of the day working on the festival website, including typing up a HUGE list that contained all the Sanctioned Events items with various stats -- and instructions to the other members of the Website Team.

I did a bunch of it myself. And Caitlin gave me a bunch of notes, as did Adeena. And that was about it... (sigh) I really wanted to wrap it up today, but no go.

Adeena was working with Marilyn on parade pages, so that was good. Because of concerns about safety, we're having to actually remove a bunch of information that's currently there. I think it's a good decision. And as Marilyn has said many times -- we share way too much at our website.

I did get out in the sun at one point. But it just made me a bit sick. I was so overheated when I came back inside. And I actually had to turn on the air conditioning this afternoon it was so hot.

I did take time out to shower and wash my hair today. AND to set up some medical stuff. I needed to get my labs done -- so I'm having a fasting blood test first thing in the morning. And I was supposed to have an appointment a week from Friday. Leslie isn't in this week, so I had to schedule for next week. But when I called back to confirm my appointment, is was no longer available. WTF??? It only took me five minutes to call back!!! I'm supposed to hear in the next day or so. (sigh)

Anyway, the appointment is to get bursa injections (it's been since January 20 and I'm in a ton of pain). And to do the follow-up on my blood tests (mainly my A1C). Anyway.

Marilyn and I went SHOPPING (!!!) the minute she got home (poor thing). I don't know how she could even do it. We picked up several things at Freddies.

So we had late dinner (we ate cold cuts because of the heat -- cheese and meat), and we had popcorn. But now I need to fast. We were going to have pie, but it's too late now. Hahaha. Tomorrow, I guess.

Shari came by the office today and saw Marilyn. They exchanged packages and Jody took photos of the two of them. I was sorry not to be there! Oh well.

Shari ended up going to Oregon City today. And so did Marilyn and Jeff, in the afternoon! They were meeting with the mayor of Oregon City, partly to discuss the upcoming Heritage event during June.

I didn't get that many steps, partly because of my hip pain. This flare-up is a pain.

Poor Marilyn has swollen feet -- just awful! Her shoes were killing her. My feet have been swollen recently, too. So strange considering how careful we've been about our food (and especially our salt intake).

We watched "The Middle" tonight (from last night), a new episode. Right now "Frasier" is on.

Can't think what else. But I think I'll head to bed. I'm tired. Marilyn is sleeping on the family room sofa.

I need to get up decently in the morning tomorrow! No messing around.

Sweet dreams!
May 6, 2017 (Saturday) 02:01 am (UTC)
Sorry you couldn't enjoy the sun!