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Facing Another Painful Day

My plan was always to be working at home today, but that became even more clear due to my current flare-up. I'm having pain in both hips, both wrists and my finger joints. And man, does it hurt.

I just looked it up. My last bursa injection happened on January 20. All I can say is that is definitely time for another one! I'm going to look into an appointment tomorrow for sure!

My work focus today was primarily the festival website. I had hoped to finish up the Sanctioned Event entries, but my main proplem is that I don't have the information for the last two things that aren't done. (sigh) I spoke to Rich who was suposed to send me one of the forms, but that didn't happen, I'm afraid.

I also need someone (ideally him) to review ALL the Sanctioned Events, so I can tweak any mistakes...

I guess it's up to me to makes a full list of the URLs for him to reference. I should be working on it right now, really. It's now exactly 2:00 a.m.

I just woke up minutes ago from a nap. I was so tired tonight. Marilyn was, too (little surprise there with her schedule!).

I did fix dinner tonight. A pot of chili that was quite good. And we finally ate some of that pie that we brought home for dessert! Delicious!

My friend Shari and I talked twice today. She's supposed to come down to the office tomorrow. Marilyn's going to take all her stuff I have wrapped up for her (three large bags) in tomorrow, now that I'm staying home.

Oh. I didn't mention that before. I was going in to be there for the photog meeting tomorrow, but I'm staying home now.

I feel awful that we don't have anything ready to give to Gayle! I wanted to not only give her a card, but to also get her a gift. (sigh) And I just wanted to see her, of course. I'm bummed to miss that meeting, but oh well. I'm pretty miserable. Right now I can't sleep for the pain. I have the TV, but no sound. I don't want it to bother Marilyn.

For a few minutes I had a Yo-Yo Ma concert on, but I was nervous the music might bother her, as the group performing was playing drums...

It's been funny lately. Marilyn is always saying when we watch "The Golden Girls" that she 'just saw' a given episode -- and I keep saying that's not true. It turns out they FIRST play each set of episodes early in the morning! And Marilyn is often awake then, with the show on! Then they play it again in the evening when we both see it. At least that's one mystery solved. Hahaha.

I tried to phone sister Sue today, but didn't reach her. I left a message, but still don't expect to hear from her. I just hope all is well...

I saw our friend Martha had done something at Facebook, so I left a note for her there. But, again, I don't expect to hear back. That's okay. Things change...

Now and then I do wonder about past friends, and what they're up to. And recently I had a dream that was about several of our friends from times past.

I found the weather today rainy, wet, gray and COLD. Marilyn said she found it muggy. It's supposed to be really WARM tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.

I can't think what else I'm forgetting to share. I guess that's it for today.

I plan to really stick hard to the website again tomorrow, anyway. I feel it should be DONE for the most part by now. So I'm working hard to wrap it all up.

"Matlock" is on, with no sound. One with Linda Purl, as his daughter. Marilyn and I were always Linda Purl fans, and had always wondered what happened to the character. I had always wondered if they kicked her off the series for some reason, but I just read that it was actually her idea to leave. Funny, but it's still disappointing to me, all this time later. Hahaha. (Linda is now 61. She was born the same year as Marilyn.)

Crazy as it sounds, I just went off reading about Desi Arnaz, Jr. (who is my age). He was married to Linda Purl for a year. What interesting lives both he and Linda have had...

Well, time to go (back) to bed. Goodnight, and sweet dreams!
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