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Crazy-Busy Day -- Plus Hip Pain and Leg Cramps (sigh)

This was a crazy-busy day at the office. I'm not kidding.

But the morning started out with me having a flareup of hip pain first thing today. And it was my LEFT hip (!!!) that was bothering me, rather than my right hip (which is normally the problem). The annoying thing is shifting back and forth in bed because you can't get comfortable... Hahaha.

Regardless, I got up fine and ready pretty quickly. This was a training day for me.

Marilyn and I ended up at the office around 9:00. We had agreed not to go to Starbucks, because walking would bother my sore hip (and Marilyn wasn't up for the group thing we usually do). I immediately got in and had a meeting with Christie and Calisa -- I wanted to get to why Maleah has been Remoting into the office, which Donn had told me about. It turned out that Christie's keyboard and mouse weren't working (the dongle was broken -- Donn had to replace them entirely).

Anyway, Marilyn and Rich were taking Adeena to coffee -- and I was better by then, so I went, too.

Adeena and I did her re-train. Then we had a website meeting with Calisa and Caitlin up at my desk.

All day it was difficult for me to get there to my desk because Donn was working on a major project for me that required him being on my computer on and off constantly. It was annoying, but necessary!

We had the website meeting, then Adeena and I met about script writing. (She has the important task of doing parade scripts this year.)

I haven't discussed my meeting with Donn, but we had worked that in first thing. So by now I've had four meetings, and it was time for Communications (we delayed it to noon today).

Communications went long. We were talking about elements of this week and the next -- plus some items for later in the month. It's hard to believe today was May first!

After that, Marilyn and I were going to take a break. We drove off, planning to get me some food, but Sue B. Texted us, so we had to skip that ride. We turned around and went directly to the dry cleaners to take our uniform jackets and drop them off. We were blocked getting out, but finally managed to head back to the office, only to find someone parked in our spot (the Lashers had come by the office!). We had to park behind Carol.

I almost forgot! While we were in the car cousin Linda called! I haven't talked to her in ages. She said her Yahoo mail wasn't working, but she wanted to ask about wristbands and tickets for the festival. She's always the first one to turn in her order every year...

Sue came in shortly after, bringing gifts for Marilyn and me. Marilyn was going to talk to her about the Starlight Parade. They went into a closed door meeting.

I chatted briefly with Jeff, congratulating him about the golf championship. He made the handicap. But it's an entertaining story. After all his work to lower his handicap, they changed the requirement based on all the inclement weather we've been having.

I kept trying to get to my computer to work, but that was difficult all day. Then it was 3:30, and time for our Quickbooks meeting. It was delayed, because Jeff had a meeting before that, and Marilyn was still meeting with Sue. But we finally got together and had our discussion.

After that I was going to try and get something to eat. Adeena and I walked out, and ran into a security man who told us the businesses had all shut down early because of the expected protests for May Day.

We went back to the office. But eventually I suggested trying McDonald's for food. Marilyn, Adeena and I walked up there. Kate had told us it would be safe going there, and it was. But we could HEAR and see the mess around us! At one point it sounded like a bomb went off! And news helicopters were all over the place, with sirens going. Very noisy! And you could see huge clusters of people, police in riot gear and people with signs.

We got back to the office and told people they should plan to leave. It was around 5:00, so many people (hourly staff) were leaving anyway. But many of us had planned to remain at least until 7:00. Anyway, that plan changed. Marilyn and I packed up and took off. Fortunately we had no trouble getting out of town. We went the St. Johns bridge direction and stopped at Safeway to get some dinner.

Again, I almost forgot! June called while we were still at the office to check on us! Isn't that sweet??? She'd seen all the trouble on TV. (I did call her when we got home to tell her we were okay...)

We got chicken tenders from the deli, and ate it with cottage cheese when we got home.

We watched some TV. And I finally gave Henry his pill and treated his eye, before lying down for a much-needed nap.

I was dealing with the cats trying to lie down with me -- but fighting with each other. I finally went to sleep, and kept waking up with leg cramps.

I got 7,000 steps today, ironically enough. Hahaha. As Marilyn said, all those steps on a day when my hips were killing me! By evening BOTH hips were making me crazy. I had taken an Aleve in the morning, and took another this evening. Between my hips and leg cramps, this was a painful day.

Anyway, it's almost time to get up for another day, and !'m finally blogging. Hahaha.

I'm going back to sleep now until it's time to actually get up (pretty darn soon).

I hope all of you slept well...
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