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Nice Day: Drives and Work Combined...

Marilyn and I actually slept in this morning. And we took our time getting ready to go out. Watching TV (a bunch of HGTV) and playing on our iPads.

Then we got Starbucks at the local drive-through place and McDonald's and then drove down to Sauvie Island. Such a LOVELY day!!! And after that we decided to continue driving and we went up the Columbia River Gorge.

We ended up having a late lunch at Charburger Country in Hood River (no website). This is a quaint place that we've eaten at before, which cute decor. Marilyn had their 'Pony Burger' -- it had Brie cheese, strawberry jam and jalapeno buttons (deep friend slices of jalpeno). I had a guacamole burger. And we got an order of the jalapeno buttons, too. Let's just say we both were paying for those 'buttons' later on! Hahaha. A bit too spicy. But we had GREAT FUN going there! Second unexpected spur-of-the-moment dining out in a two day period.

After that we had a lovely, sunny drive back to Portland and straight in to the office to work.

I had to focus on IT, getting ready for tomorrow! Donn had also been in today and moved three computers for me: Jessica's, Adeena's and Katie's old one.

I found that he had NOT moved Jessica's mouse, however! So I did that myself. I did a BUNCH of crawling around on the floor today (over and over, actually). I did get Jessica's mouse moved, but found that her dual monitors (UltraMon) weren't set up correctly -- so I took care of that.

Then I was having a hassle with my own 'new' (replacement -- but actually old) right monitor at my desk. And I couldn't get the wired mouse for Adeena to work! I was chatting with Donn and finally ended up swapping the USB ports for the mouse and keyboard -- and somehow that worked (after half an hour of trying other crap that didn't work). Anyway, I'm ready to train Adeena. Jessica's space is ready to go. And Donn has started the other project I asked him to work on...

I had also forgotten to set up Adeena's phone! So I did that. And moved Jessica's extension to her new spot. She went from Location L to Location C -- and Adeena is now in Location L. It had been some time since I set up a phone with a computer, but I reasoned it out just fine. Hahaha. I need to remind Donn how to create an account for someone (no big deal).

Anyway, it was a GOOD THING that we went in there to work! I'd have been screwed trying to do all that first thing in the morning! And it's better to be annoyed with equipment when you're working alone, rather than surrounded by other staff members...

I just went to the website and adjusted the Staff page (removing Katie and changing Adeena's title -- and sadly, removing Najib).

Marilyn, Jeff and I have our meeting with Sheila tomorrow (around 3:30). Hopefully we can make some decisions about Quickbooks going forward...

I'll try and re-train Adeena quickly so we can move on to discussing both the website, and script writing (she'll be doing both). As I'm the script editor, we'll be working closely together. (And obviously I'm the webmaster, so...)

Donn has agreed to come in tomorrow and work on a project for me. I hope he can get it done tomorrow! (fingers crossed) It would be a HUGE help to me!!!

We didn't go shopping tonight, but will need to go either tomorrow night or the night after.

Marilyn and I had a lovely weekend -- with another mini-vacation that we really enjoyed! Plus we had fun taking our drives today. I got my 4,000 steps in today, which is a miracle. I haven't been doing all that well with my steps lately (and leg cramps again yesterday and today). I'm going to try harder!

Marilyn and I had some long talks about diet, exercise and health. We both want to continue our trend to improve our health.

Hard to believe it's the last day of April! Where does the time go???

Never had to turn on the furnace all day long! It's about time, considering tomorrow is the first day of May! (Grandpa Ed's birthday, by the way...)

And now it's just barely past midnight, and it's time to head to bed!

Sweet dreams and healthy days for all of you!
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