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Back to Portland Again

Marilyn and I were actually talking in the middle of the night. It's always good to talk things through with her. She never fails to make me feel so much better about things. (Thanks, Marilyn!)

I was swollen again -- which meant I was up and down all night peeing. Hahaha. Retaining liquids is no joke.

Marilyn and Jeff got up early and went for a walk. I finally got up while they were gone and pulled myself together.

We three finally went to coffee at Bagels By the Sea on Holladay. Marilyn and I have been there not that long ago, but we were last there with Jeff on April 30, 2016 (a Saturday). We all had lattes and their pumpkin cake (Marilyn and I shared one). Jeff likes that place. So do we, in spite of the really terrible service. (So bad it's almost funny. Hahaha.)

We'd taken both cars there, so Jeff left from there. He needed to head back to Portland and GOLF again today!

Marilyn and I went over to Star Furniture. We wanted to look at their sofas. We're thinking we want a new sofa for the beach house. We'd like a sectional again (maybe), in blue. We'd want it to be more structured and firm than our current one. Star Furniture has such nice stuff! It was fun looking...

Then we drove down to Romancing the Home. We hadn't been there in ages! It was nice to see Linda -- who actually remembered our names! She also gave me a bracelet for FREE as a 'welcome back' gift! We got some darling retro pillows for the beach house living room, plus some old-fashioned soda glasses (three) for the beach house, too.

After that we went back to the house and started to pack up to head back to Portland.

We needed to make our beds, take out the garbage and get packed. We did it rather slowly, so we weren't on the road home until past 3:00. And it was raining by then.

We ended up stopping to eat a late lunch at the Berry Patch Restaurant on the way home. Originally we'd been talking about just getting one of their AMAZING marionberry creme pies -- so delicious! But the food there is always good, too. And we were suddenly hungry. Marilyn had chicken strips and I had chicken fried steak (with baked potato!!!). I got homemade soup as part of my meal and had their chicken gumbo, which was to die for -- Marilyn and I shared it. Marilyn is not normally a soup person, but this soup was thick and flavorful! Yummy!

Even though we'd stopped, we got home by around 20 to 7:00 (we'd hoped to ideally be home by 6:00), and still got to see the end of "The Wild, Wild West," if not the whole show.

After unpacking the car and changing clothes into my comfy stuff, I also made homemade popcorn that we enjoyed.

We were TOO STUFFED to eat the pie, though!

Forgot to mention the terrible traffic in Astoria! I wonder what that's about? It was bad heading down, too. We wonder if bad traffic in the late afternoon is just their norm now...

The Incredible Hulk was a lousy, weird episode that we didn't enjoy. But Wonder Woman was really good. And Star Trek was The Naked Time -- and old favorite of ours. Hahaha. How we love METV!

Svengoolie was also disappointing -- the Munster's movie. So we both ended up lying down to have a nap. We were tired. Marilyn had hiked with Jeff and it had been quite muddy! They were both covered in mud when they got back! And I was just tired from not sleeping that well, I guess.

But Marilyn says I'm still fighting the tail end of the bug I had -- and I guess she's right. I'm still a bit congested and sneezing, plus fatigued. I hate that, I have to say! As I told Marilyn, I MUST be at work on Monday, NO MATTER WHAT.

We plan to SLEEP IN tomorrow (Sunday). And then go in to the office to work...

What am I forgetting?

We had another lovely mini-vacation! We missed the cats, and it was clear they had missed us. But we don't want to torture the poor things by dragging them there. (sigh) As long as we just stay over one night, we can go any time and leave them behind with what they need to be fine.

We think these mini-vacas are nice! They feel good when we do it, and refresh us nicely. And we can do that almost any time, too! We're already thinking about doing it again next weekend...

It was fun having Jeff stay, too. We always enjoy that.

Well, I'm tired, so I'm heading back to bed. (It's currently heading toward 2:30 a.m.) Damn! I gave Henry his pill (which he didn't get last night), but I still need to doctor his eye...

I doubt we'll have pie this late, but who knows? I'll see if Marilyn is awake or not and what she thinks. (smile)

Fun to go to the bagel place, to Star Furniture, to see Linda and eat at The Berry Patch! And to eat and drink at the Shilo Inn yesterday, too. Plus we grabbed our partial bottle of watermelon margarita drink (with the alcohol already in it!) and brought that back with us. Hahaha.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: Linda's place has been reduced in size, and she's sharing the space with her own hairdresser, who needed a smaller venue. They were building on it while we were there. It looks nice! Plus that was extra room Linda really didn't need. She was telling us the last couple of years businesses in the area were struggling and going to smaller shops was a way to keep going. Her place was PACKED with people while we were there, anyway. She seems popular to us!

Good night, and sleep tight.
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