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What a Busy and Fulfilling Day!

One of the two overhead light bulbs has gone out in this room (our upstairs office) and it's difficult to see. (sigh) But I'm just too tired to replace it tonight...

I just finally finished my work list for today. I had a very long To Do list. And I got most of it done, thankfully.

Going with my dear friend June to get a haircut had NOT been on my list of errands. But when I found out she had an appointment, I phoned Kathy and found out she could take us together! It worked out great. She has her new shop that's located inside her house just off Interstate, not far from our houses. We had a noon appointment and got there early. June got a perm and cut and I got a cut. And we all had a lovely chat. And Kathy showed us her dog Lucy and her 1930's house, with original hardwoods and leaded glass windows.

Before going I did a bunch of work at home. And I dashed and took a shower and washed my hair. I know that sounds crazy, but my hair was so dirty I couldn't face going out without washing it. Hahaha. So then Kathy washed it again. By the way, it's lovely to have someone wash your hair...

Other things I got done to day (in random order): I did a couple of loads of laundry (and more later), I did a load of dishes, I cleaned Marilyn's toilet and replaced the batteries in her bathroom clock, I fixed a bad spot on the wall in her bathroom (it turned out rather nicely). I phoned in the prescription for my insulin and June and I picked up my prescriptions after our hair appointments.

We also got Seaband Nausea Relief Accupressure Wristbands at Riteaid (they come in pairs and we each got a pair). Kathy had suggested them and we're excited to try them.

I colored my hair when I got home -- meaning I washed it for the third time. Hahaha.

I did the website changes for the 82nd Avenue event (yes, again). This time we took DOWN their entry totally.

Get this: The NATIONAL news picked up the news and reported that OUR FESTIVAL had cancelled our 'Rose Parade.' What the hell???!!! Talk about NOT getting it right! And Fox news went crazy over the news, again getting it totally wrong. Does anybody care if they report things even a little bit correctly or not?

Kris called me while I was getting my hair done to check on an invoice. I was supposed to call him back and forgot. I'll need to contact him tomorrow... (sigh) We had a long and interesting conversation.

I tried to change the light bulb in Marilyn's closet -- but it's the socket and not the light bulb. I need to get an electrician out. (sigh)

I doctored Henry's eye, which I do nearly every day. I use a warm wash cloth and gently clean it. He gets this stuff that's related to his condition. And he almost always purrs while I'm treating it.

I did the recycling, then the garbage (including the cat boxes). I still need to clean my own toilet, but I ran out of steam around 11:00 p.m.

Marilyn and I ate cottage cheese and crackers for dinner. I had yogurt for breakfast and some trail mix for lunch. But I treated myself to a beer when I got the garbage done. (smile)

Marilyn met our friend Dick after work. (He used to work at the festival, too.) They had a nice visit. She's asleep on the sofa in the family room right now.

And I'm headed to bed, very tired tonight! I'm annoyed that I missed out on a bunch of steps today when I took off my Fitbit and forgot to put it back on again!!! Stupid. I missed a couple of hours of steps.

Tomorrow we'll pack up the cats and head down to the beach house for the weekend. We're looking forward to it!

Our crazy damn weather! It POURED DOWN RAIN a couple of times just after we got home. June and I were glad to miss the rain! And it was totally CLEAR tonight while I did the garbage. I could see the stars! But it was COLD. It's been so cold lately. They said we'd be in the 40's tonight...

But we're supposed to get up in the high 70's by the end of next week! This always happens. We go from cold weather to hot weather with no transition.

Well, I'm sure I'm missing things, but I'm too tired to thing straight. Time for bed. I could nod off sitting here!

Sweet dreams, everyone!
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