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Still Enjoying Big Success | Learning New Things

I was feeling much better today, thankfully. I got a lot of things done today.

Not surprisingly Brit at Fish wanted my notes from yesterday's successful website work. I'm used to people wanting to have my notes, instructions, manuals, etc. (I've even had these stolen from me in the past, believe it or not!) Writing up things is something I happen to be good at. I guess it's just another part of teaching -- at least it is for me. So I shared the recent document with her that she's going to 'add to' (I very much doubt she'll need to, though).

I didn't mind being gracious with the new webmaster for RHSAA, by the way. I was contacted because they want to go back to my 'old' website that I created for their organization. I was fine with it when they decided to totally change the site, of course, they wanted a more interactive site, and found a way to get one. It was only a matter of money, of course! If you throw a lot of money at any website, you can have some wonderful features. I've never been about that, because I couldn't afford to. I was always trying to find ways to make a decent site on the cheap. And I got pretty darn good at that. Hahaha. They finally decided their current option was too expensive, so... (And as Marilyn said, you can try to advise people, but you can't make them listen. They usually have to figure it out for themselves.)

Megan can easily manage the site. It's a delight to know she can read and write HTML and CSS. That should make things much easier. Anyway, I wrote her twice today. So we'll see how that goes. She's currently in London (!!!), so we'll do everything via emails/online. No big deal.

I took care of some other website things today, including a complicated thing where I get various things to display in a certain order. For whatever reason, it went smoother today than in previous years.

Marilyn and I got the new Fifty Shades movie this evening! It's playing right now as I type this.

I'm blogging on my iPad as I'm too lazy to go upstairs and sit in front of my desktop computer. Hahaha. I'm lying almost flat in my family room chair. Nice.

I've gotten so I can do more and more on my iPad, interestingly enough. I keep making little 'breakthroughs' all the time.

My friend (and neighbor) June phoned today, and her Gmail App was messed up. Which goes back to having more than one account, frankly (thanks - not - Donn). So I went over there in the afternoon and uninstalled the App -- after it totally froze up her iPad (!!!) and then crashed it! Then I reinstalled and got it working again.

But the interesting part was showing June more about working with Safari and bookmarks and favorites. I actually learned a ton myself! It's actually easy to manage bookmarks once you get used to how it all works. Very handy!

I was also showing the easy/fast way to delete a TON of email from her App. I happen to think it's much, much faster on the iPhone, compared to the iPad! I never used to check email much on my iPhone prior to getting the new iPhone 7. But you can just navigate through it so fast!

And I learned some neat tricks about Safari on my iPhone, too. I always found it so bare bones not-in-a-good-way. But I think I can totally work through that now...

Marilyn came home hungry, and I fixed cabbage. We ate that with chicken breast and rye bread. Yummy. Then I made popcorn in the evening.

Can't think what I'm forgetting. It must not be important...

Time for bed, anyway. Swwet dreams.
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