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Stomach Pain... | Go, Me! | AND Catching Up

Saturday, April 22:
We got up early with no trouble and packed up, put on our uniforms and drove straight to the Blessing of the Festival at St. John Fisher (a very modern Catholic Church in SW Portland), where Archbishop Alexander Sample became the first Catholic archbishop ever to bless the festival. (It's a pretty big deal to get an archbishop to your event!) The weather coming home was good and stayed that way for the entire event (there's always an outdoor rose planting ceremony after the service). Good service -- and the Archbishop was very impressive! Plus our President, Brett, did a good job (with the speech Marilyn wrote and he tweaked).

And the Court looked so nice in their pretty dresses! We have a VERY diverse group this year. (Click to see the full size.)
2017 court

Most of the young women on the court are there (there are 15 in all -- this is NOT a mandatory event for them to attend). And that's Jeff and Brett in the center (Jeff is left).

Once again, our Friday/Saturday morning mini-vacation at the beach was really LOVELY! We always hoped we'd take MORE quick trips like this to the house. Now we want to try. We realized that if we go the 'fast' way, we can be back in Portland a full hour (or more) sooner. There's no reason we couldn't stay over and still GO TO WORK (!!!) the following day, if we got up early enough...

We got Chinese takeout on Saturday for dinner. And watched our usual METV shows that night.

Sunday, April 23:
We did end up going to take cans/bottles to the BottleDrop (from both work and home).

We also went to Walmart -- the NICE (fancy) one over in Washington. We haven't been there in AGES! We went around 8:00-ish and were back around 10:00 p.m.

Our game finished up at 4:00 a.m. -- we both actually got up to check it out. Hahaha. I WON (!!!) the Mayor's Race for the very first time, which was exciting for me. Yes, we're still playing SimCity BuildIt. (But we no longer do the 'magic midnight' routine. In fact, it's been ages since we did it...)

Monday, April 24:
I stayed home today, good thing. I had terrible stomach pains much of the day! This started when I had my Activia yogurt for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Decidedly a gastro thing. I was having gastro issues on Saturday night, too (and didn't sleep that well for getting up and down). I'm sure it's because of being sick last week. I wasn't eating or drinking normally, or keeping a normal schedule at all.

It was a cold and miserable day. (ugh) Rain and more rain! Just nasty.

I finally forced down a bunch of apple cider vinegar in the afternoon. Not sure why I didn't do that earlier! We swear by it, and it does always seem to help.

Even though I didn't feel all that great (awful pain on and off), I still got a TON of festival website work done today! In fact, I'm really pleased by what I accomplished!

Part of it was making a new banner for one of the concerts. The one we'd been sent was pretty inappropriate for the festival, I'm afraid. So when we got complaints I made a new banner that we put up instead...

Then I set up an entirely NEW event page for our Eclipse Experience event we're having August 21 at Waterfront Park. It needed an Event Info page, so I got to test out that complicated procedure, using my incomplete (!!!) notes. At one point I was confused, so I phoned Brit. But she needed to go to a meeting. So I just stuck with it myself and reasoned it out. (woo hoo)

Tonight I made a banner for another concert on my iPad (!!!). Then I logged in to the site on my iPad, too!!! No, it's not easy to work on our website on your iPad, but it CAN be done. I totally proved that tonight! I added the banner I made and changed out the Copy/code and the event details. So it's now Live.

Marilyn had a massage therapy session with Amanda in Donald, Oregon tonight. Here's a photo of her back after her cupping therapy. (Click to see the larger image.)

cupping circles

The bruises are NOT painful. In fact, Marilyn was trying to put into words her experience after the cups were removed. Apparently it was difficult to describe, but she felt like she was floating. Cupping REALLY, REALLY WORKS for her to help with her tightness and pain. You can read a lot of supportive things about it, but also a lot of negative things. Western medicine is reluctant to accept alternative medicines, even if they help. Maybe especially if they help! Pharmaceutical companies have no reason to support things that don't make them money.

Marilyn said she knows her gastro expert will say the same about her taking peppermint capsules for her IBS-D, even though it's worked like some kind of miracle. He'll say it's in her head. Been there, heard that over many years. But she can't just PRETEND this is working! It's been a serious issue for many months.

And now she can even EAT AND DRINK on many days without a problem! That was impossible for ages.

Well, I'm off to bed, even though I've barely covered the past three days. I'll try and write more soon.

Sweet dreams!!!
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