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What a Happy Surprise! A Mini-Vacation to Our Beach House!

I stayed home this morning -- but was awakened fairly early by a phone call from the office! Actually, I managed to really bang my right knee while getting out of bed sleepy to grab the phone. I have a nasty gash and bruise there...

It was Christine calling to tell me the Exchange (email) wasn't working in the office. So I had her go up to the IT Room with her cell phone and walked her through fixing it (recycling the Sonic firewall).

I was having a time trying to Remote to my own computer, so I ended up phoning Kris and chatting with him for some time. (About our on-going Quickbook issues and so on.) Anyway, he was on the Server which was what had me locked out, so I got back in again with no trouble...

I talked to Kris and Christine more than once. And did my usual walking around while on the phone. I ended up with more than 6,000 steps today.

Around 11:00 or so, Marilyn called me and suggested she come home early and we drive down to the beach house and stay overnight. Then go from there to the Blessing of the Festival on Saturday (tomorrow). There are going to be so many traffic issues tomorrow that it will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get from North Portland (where we live) to the location of the Blessing! So she was saying it would make more sense to be coming from Seaside when she suddenly decided it WOULD make more sense! (grin)

Anyway, I quickly took out garbage, cleaned the cat boxes and the cat water bucket (and filled it) and put out fresh food in several spots for the cats. Then I got ready. Marilyn and I had to take along our uniforms, as tomorrow is a uniform event. (Boy, does my blazer need cleaning. Oh well. No time since I last wore it.) We were ready to leave by 1:00 p.m. and took off and went the 'fast' way, which got us to Seaside by 3:00. (Our normal way would take around another hour.)

Then we went right to the liquor store and got some pre-made Margarita mix (with alcohol) in the bottles (three flavors!). And to Taco Time and got some food. Then we headed home and had a little 'party' to celebrate our mini-vaca. Hahaha.

The damn cable was really messed up again. I don't know what the heck that's about every time we come down! But we managed to fix it, anyway. So we watched some TV. And we sort of napped a bit.

Then later in the day we drove into town and got out and walked on the beach and took some pictures. Our rule since we got the house has ALWAYS BEEN that we must see the ocean each time we come to visit! We've never failed to do that even once so far.

It's been a lovely trip, anyway. We have to get up really early and head out for Portland by 9:00 a.m. to make the Blessing on time! So we should be sleeping now, I suppose.

I actually showered and washed my hair, which was looking pretty bad! Because of my cold, walking (or any exercise at all) makes me sweat like mad. This morning I was so wet I had to use the hair dryer to dry my soaking hair. And that didn't make for a pretty hair day. Hahaha. So I had a lovely shower, anyway! And now my hair will look good for tomorrow. I'm getting better, buy I'm still puny from my cold. And I break out in a sweat from the smallest thing! Good grief!!!

My iPad was OVERHEATING (???!!!) like crazy earlier today! I've read that's it's not uncommon, but it was really hot to the touch (!!!) in one spot on the back! Supposedly you need to close out of all your running Apps. Sure enough! Once I did that it cooled down immediately! Go figure...

I still might want the Apple store to look at it, though. I mean, that doesn't seem right somehow.

Well, off to bed. We certainly enjoyed this quick trip. Which shows that even being here for overnight can be such a pleasure!

The drive here was nice -- sunny with warm weather. It was mild enough to go without a jacket at one point. But we're supposed to have RAIN and cold weather this weekend and all next week. Maybe it will warm up by Friday. Seriously??? It's nearly May!!!

Sleep well, friends.
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