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Better! (Still Not Quite Well...) Jurying for the IYSFF (International Youth Silent Film Festival)

I can't BELIEVE one of my monitors is out now at work!!! I have to tell you, once you get used to working with dual monitors, you can't go back to a single one. You get spoiled pretty darn fast!!! For those of us doing website work, it's so helpful to be able to put Copy up on one monitor and do the coding on another. Very odd in light of Marilyn's monitor going out (it was actually her video card which needed replacing!). More on this later...

Anyway, I stayed home this morning to continue getting over my cold. But I had some work to do for the festival, so I did do that. I was taking it easy and just watching TV after finishing my work.

Then Marilyn called to tell me how disappointed Christine was that I wasn't going to go tonight -- and how much Zandre would miss seeing me. She'd even told Marilyn she would come here to pick me up, so I gave her a call. She agreed to come and get me at 3:00 p.m., so I had time to take a nap before getting ready.

I ended up taking a nap with both cats between 1:15 and 2:30, which was nice! Henry was on my left, and Colin curled up by my legs on my right. Very sweet!

The phone rang and woke me before my alarm went off. It was Katie telling me she had computer and phone issues. I had her try several things, then told her I'd tackle it when I got in the office later. Then I got ready to go in and waited for Christine to pick me up.

I was telling her about seeing the City Hall stuff on TV. She'd actually gone there with a bunch of the staff. I guess it was really creepy in person!

The minute I got to work Marilyn wanted to walk over for Starbucks, as she hadn't had a SINGLE BREAK ALL DAY LONG (!!!). So we headed out. She got coffee and I stopped for a bottle of soda at Anne's on our way back...

I got back to the office and went to see about Katie's computer. I'd been so concerned while still at home that I'd said a rather frantic prayer to St. Jude -- who never lets me down, by the way! I got on her computer and it was immediately apparent to me what was wrong! I had it fixed in under five minutes. How gratifying!!! (Thanks, St. Jude. As always!)

Then Carol had asked me about the Buy Tickets page at the website, and Rich wanted to review the latest Press Release. So I headed upstairs for that.

The review of the Press Release went VERY smoothly!!! We had it done very quickly -- and I sent it back to Rich formatted. But I broke from that to check the other website changes and went down to talk to Carol.

When I came back to my computer, my right monitor was OUT. Nothing I did seemed to fix it. (sigh) And I couldn't face trying to race to get the News items (based on the Press Release) done quickly without both monitors. (sigh) So I put it off until tonight, instead.

I got a bottle of wine and an opener from Christine (and some cups). I'd gathered pencils and flashlights to take with us. And I had some chocolates to take along, as well. I packed it all up.

Then it was time to walk up to the jurying. Going along were Christine and Zandre (her son), Marilyn, Jessica (her first time), Kate and me. Carol opted out and Kate asked her friend Erica to fill in (she met us there later). So we walked up -- and it DID NOT (gasp) pour down rain on us! This has happened repeatedly (we often sit there soaked during the process). We were lucky, as it had poured earlier in the day.

J.P.'s assistant was REALLY LATE, so we were sitting around waiting for ages. I opened the wine and shared out candy and made sure everyone had a pencil for scoring. We separated into two rooms. Marilyn, Zandre and I were in a room with J.P. (everybody else was in the second room).

We watched a bunch of films and scored them (as we always do). There are always a few special efforts! I look forward to the show later on (during the festival).

Then we walked back to the office (still no rain!). We were leaving around 9:00. That's another super-long day for poor Marilyn! And she hadn't eaten since last night, so that was 24 hours without a bite.

We stopped at the store on the way home to pick up a birthday card (and get cash) for Rich and Merlin who both just celebrated birthdays. We got them a meow-ing card for both of them from both of us. And we're going to stick cash in it as a gift. They can have a meal or put it toward some of their new things (like their stove).

Our next event is this Saturday, the Blessing of the Festival (a uniform event).

I need Donn to come in and FIX MY MONITOR right away! I can't stand to work without both.

Marilyn and I got sandwiches at McDonald's and were home right around 9:30 p.m. She was pretty darn hungry by then. Actually, I hadn't eaten since well before noon, so I was hungry, too. But 24 hours??? I don't know how she does it! She eats the meat without any buns, and I take off the top buns and toss those. (We give the buns to my crows to eat.)

It's Thursday, so now I need to go and do the garbage and recycling. Thank God it's not real garbage night! I can just stick out the recycling and call it good...

Oh! And I finished up the News item for the website. What a relief to have my TWO MONITORS here at home!!!

I don't remember if I mentioned that Marilyn's home computer had one monitor out recently, but I finally fixed that! Again, it's hard to live without them!

On that note, it's headed to midnight, so I'd better get the recycling out...

And I'd love to head to bed soon.

Good night, friends!
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