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Change to Our Portland House Living Room -- AND Pouring Rain!

What a NASTY day! It's been POURING down rain tonight! For ages. I worry (as always) about flooding in our house (and pray that it won't happen). But there was sunshine earlier. I didn't get outside (except on the porch), so I don't really know what the weather was like during the daytime.

Before I go further: Brian went home today. I haven't heard how he's doing, as I wasn't at work because of my bug. I pray all is well for him and Carol (and their daughter). It's got to be very hard for Carol right now... Your continued prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated!

I swapped places for our two sofas in the living room today. I had to take it easy, considering I'm still sick (even if I don't feel that bad). I had a plan, and it worked perfectly! I used the rug to drag the coffee table out of the way. Then I shifted one sofa into the center of the room to give me space to move the other one into the place where it had been. Next I put the first sofa where the second had been. Then finally I put the rug and coffee table back and it was done.

Of course, it wasn't QUITE that simple. Hahaha. It was dirty under these pieces of furniture (cat fur and people hair and dustballs and the like). So I cleaned up all that mess. And the long table behind the one sofa shows up far more now, so I had to tidy up the top of it. And we've been storing stuff under it, so I took out quite a bit and dealt with it.

During this I took out the stuff under the table for our friend Shari. Some it goes back to Christmas the year before last (!!!), to be honest. So I wrapped everything up and bagged it to be ready to take to her (four big bags of stuff). She was supposed to be coming downtown -- and to our office -- tomorrow. So I wanted it ready for her to take home. But now she can't come until May. Oh well! At least it's done, finally. (I've obviously been putting off dealing with it FOREVER. Hahaha. We just don't get much chance to see her anymore. But we do TALK on the phone all the time. And email one another, too. So we're in touch CONSTANTLY.) I'd even forgotten some of the things we had for her, which are pretty cool. So I'm excited for her to open those things...

Here's a photo of the sofa moved!

[click the photo to see the larger version]

2017 april 17 sofa

I'm glad to have this sofa here. It's far more comfortable for Marilyn to both sit and lie on. (She's asleep on it right now!) And that's her favorite place for 'her' sofa. So now the leather sofa is against the windows (where the cats like to have their 'tents'). I think it actually looks better this way, too. The colors from the plaid sofa really tie colors around the room together!

Marilyn didn't get home from work until after 9:00 p.m. tonight. Little wonder she's tired tonight (!!!). She told me she was awake before 6:00, so that's a long day. Or maybe I should say another long day.

I was going to stay down today. But Donn woke me to discuss more Quickbook issues (!!!). We had to discuss it many, many times during the day. And at one point I had to phone Kris about all of it. I used the word 'bullshit' emphatically at one point (repeatedly, actually!) -- and when I phoned and told Kris what was going on, he said the same thing! Again, I have to say how BAD (really terrible, actually) the support for Quickbooks at Intuit is. I can't say enough BAD THINGS about them, to be entirely honest. The level one support is pretty awful. Only every now and then do you get a competent person. But even their level two people aren't very good. And you NEVER GET THE SAME STORY twice from them. How can that be??? By the way, that's exactly why I used the BS word (and Kris, too). I don't know that much personally about Quickbooks, but I do know about supporting software in general -- quite a bit, really. And Kris has been working with QB for years now and is an expert. So...

I don't remember if I mentioned on Friday that Marilyn was having issues with one of her monitors. And I'd asked Donn to take care of it over the weekend. Then Marilyn said to let him wait until Monday, so I did that. I'm writing this to remind myself I should always go with my gut on these things, no matter what! It wasn't an 'easy fix,' so Donn had to go out and buy a new part (a video card) to repair it. And Marilyn really needed both monitors for her work today. (sigh)

Between those two issues I was on the phone for hours. I kept trying to go back to bed, but wasn't able to do that until past 5:00 p.m. But at least I got several hours of sleep at that point.

I'm still stuffed up, have a sore throat and now I have a cough. But I don't feel awful by a long shot. Mainly I'm tired (which is why I want extra sleep). I hope I'll be mostly over this tomorrow. I have WORK to get done on the website!!!

I missed the announcement of our Starlight Parade Grand Marshal for 2017!!! Marilyn said it was a blast -- really amazing. I did write up the News item for the festival website, and had it 'magically' set to appear at midnight (which it just did!). But Marilyn said I'd just have lost my voice screaming! (Read more HERE.) She said it was nice to see someone truly humble and grateful for the honor. (We deal with a lot of divas, I have to tell you...)

I'm staying home again tomorrow (sigh). But she's coming to get me right after work to go to our Botox Party!!! Boy, do we need that botox. It's been ages. Time to get rid of that 'angry' look for a few more months...

And can't wait to share about using the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty products. We really love them.

"Quo Vadis" is on right now. How we LOVE that movie! I just bought the book for Kindle. I haven't read it in some time and look forward to a reread.

Anyway, that's it for tonight!

I hope you're all STAYING HEALTHY and that you have sweet dreams!
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