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Sick (Mostly in Bed Today)

Well, I've got a bug (a cold). It's not that bad, but mostly a pain in the ass.

Speaking of things that are a pain in the ass (smile), I'm trying to answer an email via Remote desktop (the way I connect to my computer at the office). But the connection is screwed up somehow (sigh) and I'm too impatient to put up with it! I guess I'll just wait until I've got my iPad and answer it that way. Hahaha. Remote is AMAZING when it works, and a huge PAIN when it doesn't. And after all these years of using it, I expect it to work when I need it to without issues.

But our internet connection in the festival office isn't what it should be. It seems to have slowed down considerably! I need to ask Kris about it, because it's ridiculous for those of us who rely on that connection from home offices to try and deal with it. He's mentioned getting us more speed, and I need to follow up and see that we do!

I stayed DOWN this morning, sleeping. That really seems to help when I'm not feeling well. Sleep is so healing, I think. But then I got a phone call and that was that. I really needed to address an issue with Donn.

I had to phone Marilyn and Jeff -- and fortunately they were already meeting in Jeff's office. So they put me on speaker phone and we talked it through. It was more about the Quickbooks issue that we've been dealing with for ages now.

Kris -- who has supported Quickbooks for years (he's quite an expert) -- has made it very clear he's NEVER seen our current problem in all of his past experiences. Nor have we had anything like it happen in all the time we've been using Quickbooks. It's been VERY EXPENSIVE this year trying to resolve things.

Today Donn had to tell me that our data which was being sent out for them to 'fix' won't be back until Thursday of next week -- instead of Monday morning, as we'd originally assumed.

Assumed is the key word here. I was more than a little disturbed that we supposedly had been told it would be back sooner. But as Marilyn pointed out, you get a different answer EVERY SINGLE TIME you talk to support at Intuit. They have the WORST support system I've ever dealt with in all my years doing IT. I'm not kidding. I got to the point where I wouldn't even speak to their support people, as they were SO RUDE to deal with! They've been consistently rude with Kris, Donn and me many, many times. But now it seems they just can't get their shit together and give us a straight answer. I don't feel that there should be so many different responses to a given problem! Every support person has something different to say. They can't actually guarantee anything they do for you, by the way.

Yes, we have a support contact, so it's not costing us additional money for them to help us. But it costs us TONS OF TIME -- and we're talking about the time of two of our most expensive personnel, Kris and Donn! And even though I'm a volunteer, my TIME is extremely valuable, seeing as I have so much to do and only so much time to do it all. (sigh)

Marilyn, Jeff and I came up with some ideas, which Marilyn and Jeff discussed further when I got off the phone with them and went into a lengthy phone call with Donn. At least I got some STEPS while chatting with Donn. As always, I pace up and down while chatting on the phone. I know I ended up with more than 1,500 steps today, but I never saw my final amount (and I'm not near my iPhone right now to check it).

I probably talked too much today, but it was hard not to. Donn has a pretty good idea of where we're going with this, anyway. And Marilyn later sent out an email that spelled it all out in detail, giving us a good plan to go forward. Now we just need to implement it.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and Angel finished up the Living History visits sans both Candee and me! I felt awful not to be there today. (sigh) I can't imagine how they managed, as there's so much to carry in for each performance! Two people can't do that alone in one trip. I do know Marilyn was EXHAUSTED tonight, little wonder. It's a hard gig. She was also having leg cramps -- you're on your feet for hours while doing this, plus there's always a bunch of walking involved.

I did check my email several times today, mostly on my devices (meaning I didn't have to sit up to my computer, thankfully).

Later in the day around 5:00-ish, I woke up and felt just AWFUL. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but couldn't. So I forced myself to go and check my blood sugar. It was in the 60's, which is why I felt so lousy.

For me, I've ALWAYS ended up feeling so crappy that it wakes me right up when this happens -- a lucky thing. My friend Shari has ended up in the hospital emergency room not remembering anything, and I can see how that would happen. If it goes really low, you just pass out -- and then you can actually die if not treated right away. While nobody wants to be really high, highs don't kill you like this. Lows, however, can. But as I say, I can't even sleep through being somewhat low -- it always wakes me.

I ended up eating some dark chocolate I happened to have, and drinking some Clamoto juice. Interestingly enough, it brought me back up rather slowly. Usually sugar will bounce you quite high, but the dark chocolate didn't do that! Something to remember for the future, I think. I should have gotten one of my energy bars, which are fairly low in sugar, but I felt too crummy to go hunt for one, and the chocolate was close to hand, fortunately...

I had felt I'd eaten enough today, even though I admit I wasn't all that hungry. This is the problem with taking your diabetic meds when you're sick, of course. And this is the first time, really, that I've been truly sick since starting my insulin. So I just injected it anyway. I don't know if it was the insulin or the pills (or both), but it's annoying, anyway. Hahaha.

Kind of like dealing with this Quickbooks crap all the time is annoying. Hahaha.

Carol was staying home today, even though Brian was probably not coming home yet. He hasn't been doing that well, so they were probably not ready to release him from the hospital. But it has to have been hard on her to try and work with his surgery and recovery going on! Marilyn and I felt her staying away from work today was a good idea.

Tomorrow early Marilyn has Media Training with the Court. She's NOT looking forward to getting up early yet again on Saturday, believe me. She's just dead tired. This training is to help the young women to deal with their interactions with the media. How to answer questions and how to entirely deflect them. Do you ever hear some celebrity who is asked something and then ends up turning the question so that they can say whatever it is they want to say -- and yet they do this gracefully? That's the idea. No, we're not comparing it to politicians who can never give anyone a straight answer. Hahaha. There's a skill involved in avoiding questions that are inappropriate. It's interesting: media training has changed over the years. Almost nothing shocks people anymore, for one thing. Anyway, Marilyn and Rich will work with the girls and it will help them.

I brought up that it's the time of year we do Media Training with our own staff. We're vulnerable to the media partly because we go places wearing uniforms or logo-wear, or with our name tags on. I had things like that happen to me years and years ago. Anyway, Rich usually creates a one-sheet he can give out, then discusses it during staff meeting...

Tomorrow is Lois Ingala's birthday party! She turned 100 on April 11 and we're all celebrating tomorrow. Marilyn said I didn't have to go, but I really want to be there!!! We haven't seen Lois in ages, and she's a very dear friend. She once even got into her jewelry and gave Marilyn and I each a valuable ring to remember her by (that was a long, long time ago). I can't get over her doing that, it was so sweet! And whenever we see those rings, we DO think about her so fondly. What a dear woman!

I guess she's not that good mentally now. I hope she recognizes us, but will understand if she doesn't.

As for going sick, I went to the wedding of one of our staff members several (several!!!) years back, and I was so damn sick! But I didn't want to miss it. So being a little sick won't stop me!

On that note, I should go to bed. It's now past 3:00 a.m. Colin kitty is on the chair next to me, sweet boy! Hopefully Marilyn is sound asleep -- she was when I headed here to my desktop computer to type this.

Sleep well, dear friends!
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