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Another Busy Day -- Living History and More...

We knew last night we had to be up EARLY this morning to make it to the Executive meeting today. And wouldn't you know it -- we overslept! (yikes) So we were both racing to get ready in time!

I'd started out doing my blood count and insulin, then putting in my contacts and getting dressed. I'd decided that if I didn't have time for makeup, then I'd just go without (which I almost never do). But there was time, so it didn't matter. I remember how I used to put off makeup until last years back and then sometimes I'd even put it on when I got to the office. Hahaha. I don't wear all that much, really. I start with the Cindy Crawford Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment (purple stuff... hahaha). Then very light base makeup with SPF. Then my lipstick tint with regular lipstick on top. I trace out the edges of my tattooed eyeliner. And put on a little bit of eye shadow. And I end with powder. It takes maybe 15 minutes (less?) to put it all on, anyway. Part of wearing makeup has to do with PROTECTING your skin, by the way...

I had gathered up most of my stuff to go to work last night. And I just needed to add my jewelry (rings, bracelets and watch).

Oh. And I fed the cats and turned up the furnace so they wouldn't be uncomfortable today. (They already had fresh water.)

We were caught in TERRIBLE TRAFFIC on the way downtown to the meeting. The traffic situation in Portland is horrible. But we managed to get there with five minutes to spare. Marilyn did her presentation, then we had to depart to head to the first Living History appearance. We used my iPhone for the GPS and found it just fine.

The Living History presentation went great. Candee wasn't there, but had planned to come for the second one. Suzanne came to the first school.

Then we headed out for the second school, with Angel following us. Once we got there (the Hollywood area), we parked, then joined Angel who drove us to Starbucks. After having coffee, we headed back to the school for the second performance. Again it went very well -- and there were a TON of kids (and teachers) at this one. Carol came to see it.

Speaking of Carol, Brian hasn't been doing very well. I continue to pray for him (and the family) and hope you'll keep him in your thoughts. He's a great guy. Brian is Carol's husband. He's also a member of our Clown Corps, takes photos for the festival and is doing a new character this year (Prof. E. Clipse!)

Anyway, it was back to the office for a busy afternoon. Marilyn had meeting after meeting! I ended up that way, too...

I had a phone message from Bill Zapp and was very worried. But it turned out okay! Lucy (his wife) is now in a care facility. He's selling his house -- and the RV that's been our GFP Command Post for the past 20 years -- and moving into a place close by to Lucy's. And he's spending a bunch of time taking cruises around the world! He seemed very happy, so Marilyn and I are very glad for him...

Donn and I had a lengthy meeting about IT -- Quickbooks -- today. It was quite fruitful. I have my fingers crossed...

I can't stand to go into more detail about the work this afternoon -- I'm just too tired now.

But I should mention that my Fitbit has died. Well, it's still barely working, but a chunk fell out of it yesterday, so it's a goner. I need a new one soon! (sigh)

Marilyn and I got home by 8:00 p.m. and ate frozen microwave food for dinner, which was good. And this evening I made popcorn to eat while we watched the movie "Arrival." Marilyn drifted off (little wonder!!!), and I dozed during part of it. But it was an amazing film -- well worth seeing.

Now I'm ready to head to bed -- it's nearly midnight.

So many things I didn't get to. Najib hasn't been to work for two days. But hopefully he'll come back next week...

Anyway, more tomorrow! I am so ready for bedtime now!

Happy dreams, all!
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