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First Day of Living History in the Schools -- Helpful Web Meeting (Via Phone)!

We had to be up and ready to go for Angel to pick us up first thing today to head to a local school for the Living History appearance.

The program calls for interaction between Marilyn, Candee (Thelma) and Angel -- but Candee was out sick. So Marilyn and Angel did the entire program between them -- and very successfully, too! I was along to assist in any way I could. And as there's a lot to carry, that was useful! I LOVED it and was so glad to be helping out!!!

The kids REALLY ENJOYED the program for this year!

Plus Marilyn and I were both impressed by how engaged they were -- and how SMART they were, too!

After that Angel dropped us back at home so we could get our car to head to the office. We were there by 1:00 -- and I had totally forgotten (!!!) about my 1:00 p.m. Website Meeting with Fish via phone! I was a bit late getting to the phone for that, so it started around 1:08. But it was REALLY SUCCESSFUL (!!!) and I learned a lot! I was delighted with how that turned out.

Then Marilyn walked with me to go and get lunch (no, she didn't eat). I got a sandwich and a cup of soup (one of my faves today).

It was cold and raining in the morning and still cold walking out for lunch!!!

I gave the two guys (Braden and Najib) the briefcases I had for them today. (smile)

There were several discussions with Jeff during the day.

Donn was working on the Quickbooks issue -- he'll be back for that on Friday. (sigh)

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing out notes about my website meeting. I still need to finish those. And then making changes at the website based on what was done. So we'll see how that goes!

I wrote to Jeremiah at Atmosera and he got in touch with David and Brit. They needed an IP exception access set up for their new IP address. That should be done by tomorrow morning...

We left work past 7:00 and went to Freddies after we got home to pick up a few things. I fixed dinner when we got back and we were both sitting around playing our games on our iPads and eating and trying to unwind.

Living History is exhausting for Marilyn. We were comparing it to days that I train new personnel -- only she's doing two performances in one day!

Again, I was very proud of her and Angel! They were GREAT!!! I can't wait for the next day of Living History (Wednesday).

I forgot to mention that our taxes were done today, so we stopped by and Marilyn signed and paid (and picked up her copy of the paperwork). So that's done for this year! (whew)

I need to contact them about the damn Arts Tax again, as I keep getting reminders via email and mail! What the heck??? I supposedly did that all via phone, and I better NOT get dinged on it! (sigh)

Well, off to bed! This is such a busy week.

And I didn't mention that Brian had his SURGERY today. I was praying for him (and Carol and Aisha, too). I hope it went well! Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated!!!

Sleep well, dear friends.
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