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Back to Portland

This was a lovely little mini-vacation to Seaside. Marilyn and I always enjoy our time staying at our beach house.

We slept in, then got up and decided to drive to nearby Manzanita, Oregon for coffee. We ended up at Manzanita News & Espresso. We've seen it before, and it always looked inviting. It's a really cute place, and the coffee was good. The service? Not so much. Hahaha. (Another millennial fail situation. These young women really didn't want to work. They were pretty busy chatting with each other and texting on their cell phones. And one of them was terribly rude to an elderly customer.) Anyway, we enjoyed it there in spite of the servers.

I found a darling pug mug to buy for Marilyn. Actually, there were two, so I got them both. One stayed at the beach house, and the other came here to the Portland house (like the two dragon fly mugs I recently bought her). I also got two small glasses in brilliant jewel colors, pink and purple.

We sat and chatted and drank our lattes and enjoyed the posted art work. Then headed back to Seaside.

But before going for coffee we did stop by the beach there in Manzanita and took some photos. A lovely day!

When we got home it was time to gather our garbage, do some cleaning up, pack up and head back.

Interesting note: Henry was following me around and well aware we were preparing to leave. He barely howled coming down this time, and not at all heading home! That used to be the norm, before his recent manic howling that's so upsetting and annoying. YES, we're still having them ride in the back of the car, in place of the back seat (where they rode for years). Again, there's no way either one of us can stand the drive with Henry howling from the back seat. It's pretty awful. But maybe he's over that now. We think he wants to know we're going in advance. Recently he would be sleeping before we crated him...

Right now he's howling his head off in the bedroom, probably rope-a-dope-ing (smile). Both cats are very sexual. Colin must have mounted Henry a dozen times or more while we were at the beach.

It was back to Colin howling both going and coming back. The trip home he literally howled all but ten minutes of the trip. Poor guy. He gets so car sick. At least his little voice is easier to endure hearing!

I was trying to blog on my desktop computer (my preferred way), but our computers went down when the power was off, and I had no patience waiting for it to come back up again. (sigh)

We're facing a busy week, starting with a busy day tomorrow -- and an early one. So I just want to go to bed!

Marilyn will do most of the presentation tomorrow, as Candee (Thelma) is very sick, and David (Mayor Harry) isn't doing the school appearances in 2017.

I think Angel is picking us up earlyin the morning...

I had planned to wash my hair, but went to sleep and could barely wake up to blog.

We did have McDonald's for dinner. We get sandwiches with no spread, then I only eat half of the bun, and Marilyn skips the bun entirely. (And no fries or treat beverages! Just the meat, mostly.)

I made popcorn after that, once I had cleaned up the kitchen. And Marilyn and I got the movie "Sing" On Demand -- it was really cute.

I'm pretty much unpacked -- enough to make getting ready for work tomorrow go smoothly (I hope!).

Sorry that Time After Time got cancelled. Sundays was series night for that show. We both wish they had aired all the created episodes. That disgusts us, but it's ABC, so we don't expect better, I'm afraid...

Heading back to bed. I'm beat!

This will be an interesting week!

Good night, dear friends!
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