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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Birthday Weekend Continues... 
I slept in this morning. I was really tired. We had hail and more wind and it got quite COLD today! And Marilyn didn't feel that well today -- mostly worn out, I think. To tell you the truth, yesterday was exhausting. I think it was all the walking in the wind and struggling against the storm, which was harder than it probably sounds. Everywhere we went where we got out of the car it was very difficult walking in the wind. Even just going from the car into stores and back again.

The wind storm was exciting and exhilarating. But tiring. (smile)

So we spent much of the day inside, just watching TV and playing on our iPads and resting. But that was nice, too. It so relaxing here at our beach house. And there's a lot to be said for DOING NOTHING. That's not really an option for either one of us most of the time!

We talked to June at one point. It sounds like all is okay at home (at least so far). Our neighborhood did lose power, but hopefully that didn't mess up our alarm system. It's nice to know June and Jim are keeping an eye on things for us!

Later in the day we did go into town (downtown Seaside) and went to the arcade and played Fascination (including Coverall), and some other games. They've put in a bunch of BRAND NEW games! We were really surprised.

Then we went to Fultano's (which is attached to the arcade) and had some chicken strips and frickles (deep fried pickles), with Bud light. We walked all the way down to the beach, but it was cold so we hurried back to the car after that. And came home.

We had taped Wonder Woman, which was part two from last week, so we watched that. And we watched most of SNL tonight. Then Batman.

I was just snoozing on top of Marilyn's bed when I guess Colin woke me up. Good thing, as I hadn't taken my night time meds yet, or blogged! So here I am. (grin)

Marilyn got a lot of nice greetings on her Facebook, in private messages, texts and emails. I'm so glad, as this made her happy.

Tomorrow we have to head home again to Portland for another VERY BUSY week! She has a ton to do, especially with the Living History appearances happening.

I'll be focusing on trying to finish up a bunch of the website this week...

Well, time to head for bed! Goodnight friends.
April 9, 2017 (Sunday) 11:35 am (UTC)
I guess Colin looks forward to your blogs!