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Happy Birthday, Marilyn!!! Crazy Wind STORM in the Pacific Northwest!

Well, Marilyn and I have never been at the beach during a big storm. But starting last night (well, early this morning) we ended up with quite the storm! It's hard to describe it well enough to do it justice, really!

The house seemed to be actually shaking at some points. And the wind was roaring. In the early hours you could really hear the ocean, but later it was all about the wind.

Marilyn got a LOT of cyber greetings from her many friends at Facebook and via texts and so on. That was nice (and to be expected). Jeff was unable to come down because of the weather -- they were advising people NOT to be out driving in Portland for the most part. There were trees and powerlines down all over the place, so it was quite dangerous.

Which didn't keep us in, believe me! Hahaha. We went out for coffee, then over to the Tillamook head area where there's a totally different beach from the norm in Seaside. The wind really was powerful! But a beach community like Seaside treats it differently than Portland. They're really used to it here!

We drove all over the place so we could really take in the storm. This is Washington's Spring Break week, so there should have been people all over the place. Clearly the storm kept a lot of people in, because traffic was fairly light -- but don't get me wrong: There were a lot of folks out driving and walking.

We were having an amazing time, because it's very exciting to be viewing a storm like this at the beach. So different from seeing it in Portland. It's hard to really explain.

We drove to Freddies (to get batteries for my Fitbit), then stopped at Riteaid and shopped for clothes at Ross. We'd planned to go shopping today yesterday and we did end up getting some new clothes. And I bought Marilyn a blank book to write in (with an awesome cover) and some new sunglasses for her birthday.

I actually had to text Larry (Sue's son -- our nephew) to ask him have Sue phone Marilyn for her birthday. And THEN Sue actually tells that to Marilyn, which I think was pretty crass. I was just trying to help her remember (which I damn well knew she wouldn't) so she could talk to Marilyn on her bday. And believe me that none of Sue's family has a clue when Marilyn's birthday is -- which is fine, actually. (Just another reminder that Sue is pretty much out of our lives now. At least she seems content with her situation, even if she has no interest in us anymore.)

We went home and watched TV and played on our iPads, then later in the day we went shopping at Safeway (I ended up with low blood sugar again -- I need to work on that, I guess). While there we went to the Starbucks in the store so Marilyn could get her free birthday coffee -- and that's exactly what happened. The guy couldn't use her rewards, so he just gave her a free drink!

Then we talked about going to see the movie Beauty and the Beast. Finally we got home and ate some of the food we got: Olives, cheese, peanuts and so on. Then we decided to take a nap before going to the show.

But the storm -- which was supposed to move on -- seemed even worse! And it was POURING DOWN RAIN, which wasn't true at all earlier in the day. In fact, most of the time during the wind storm today it was bright and dry! Just extremely windy.

Anyway, the continued slamming of the storm -- and all the rain -- made us decide to STAY HOME tonight. We can always go to the movie tomorrow, after all.

We put on a pot of chili late in the day and had some of our DELICIOUS watermelon Margaritas that we got yesterday at the liquor store (the alcohol is already in it!). And more olives and cheese and stuff. We also got peanuts in the shell and were eating those, too.

I gave Marilyn the four birthday cards I got. And I got her four because I'd found three with perfect messages inside that she just had to have! And the fourth card was a Han Solo card (and I'm Han, right?). Marilyn found that one and had me get it to give to her -- a perfect card! Hahaha. (I should have gotten a card from the cats! We used to always do that...)

Tonight we watched an episode of Revenge, which was great fun! We still love several of those characters, if NOT the story of the series, which we think was a big mess. That's really been true for us forever, though. We fall in love with characters and just want to see a show in order to see those characters, no matter how bad the actual show is! Revenge had such great characters -- it could have been so much more. Oh well. We've always managed to make such shows into more in our own version. Hahaha. Which is perfect, right? It works for us, anyway!

Well, it's late and we're off to bed. And, NO! Marilyn's birthday is NOT over yet! Yes, the actual day has ended, but this is her BIRTHDAY WEEKEND -- and I plan to stretch out the fun as long as we can!!!

We're having a good time, as our the cats (now that we're actually here).

I hope everything is okay back at our Portland house. But no call from June probably means things are fine there. (Jeff was worried about that when he was texting Marilyn.)

The Sing-Off is tomorrow, and obviously we're missing that -- but Jeff is making an appearance. He said if he didn't have to do that he'd come down here tomorrow...

I think we'll always remember this birthday celebration in the storm at the beach! Oh! And the episode of Revenge we watched? When it originally aired we'd been having a wind storm and LOST OUR POWER! We got it back just in time to see the show that night! Interesting, isn't it? (smile)

I hope Marilyn had a good day, because I sure did!!!

Goodnight friends.
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