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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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She's Amazing -- The Longest Day Ever? Well, Close Enough! 
marilyn-amazing, amazing
For the record, it's past 2:00 a.m. right now. It's been a very long day.

Marilyn got home from work tonight at 10:30 p.m. She shouldn't have to have a day that long just so she can take two days away from work. It's ridiculous, frankly! And people were on her all day long. She didn't have a minute to herself all day long...

How she manages to get actual work done with all her meetings and all the people who just 'must' meet with her is beyond me. I guess they'll just have to muddle along somehow without her for the next two work days!

She's sound asleep on the family room sofa right now, after a 'dinner' of popcorn. She's barely had a bite to eat all day long, poor thing. At least I had yogurt for breakfast and curry noodles for lunch -- even if I had that same popcorn for a VERY LATE dinner...

I drank a full POT of coffee today while working! And I'm currently drinking my second cup of coffee that I made when Marilyn got home. It takes a LOT of caffeine to keep going for hours and hours of work.

I did take a small break in my day to go over to my friend June's house so I could help her with her computer (and devices -- iPhone and iPad). And I tried to help Jim with his Yahoo mail, but couldn't... June was forced to reset her gmail password, and couldn't get the new password to work. So originally I was helping her Remotely from here at my house. I was able to use a combination of her previous passwords and her cell phone to get her back in to her gmail -- and to reset her password. Then I needed to go set it up on her computer, iPhone and iPad (she uses it on all three).

I've never used Windows 10, so I was surprised I was able to work with it fairly easily (she and Jim both have it on their computers). I was SHOCKED by this damn Microsoft Edge browser, though. Mainly that it seemed no matter how many times I tried to set Firefox back as her default browser, this damn Edge kept coming back again and again! I finally found they had to create a special BLOCKER just for turning it off! Are you kidding me???

All I know is this: After dealing with a bunch of Windows 10 CRAP today for June, I'm really, really glad we don't have it on our computers at the festival office! Prior to this, I was feeling pretty bad that we hadn't been able to get it when it was free last summer. But now I know that it was meant to be. I've got enough issues as it is without putting up with that nonsense. Hahaha.

I spent my day on IT (surprise) and the festival website. And assisting with the eNewsletter. First I needed to discover WHY my email was bouncing when Kate tried to send the draft of the eNewsletter to me from Cooler... I went into Cooler Email and checked recent activity to discover my email address had been entered incorrectly. Yeah, that would do it! You can't send email to an unknown address, after all. And think how easy that is to do! So I had Kate log in and look at it until she could see the error. No, not to torture her, but to help her understand the problem.

Then she was having spacing issues in the eNewsletter. So eventually I took a look at the code. She does a really good job working with it, especially seeing as she can't READ the code she's using. But when I got in there I could see that there were paragraph codes that were causing her white space issues. So we did a TeamViewer session so I could show her the code in question. She admitted she'd gacked it from somewhere else and pasted it in. So once I showed her, she was able to fix all her own mistakes.

Marilyn did the Living History content, so I was working on that page until around 10:00 p.m. I got to create a banner of Mayor Harry that turned out nicely! Marilyn wrote the Mayor's proclamation (and sent it to the mayor's office) for Mayor Harry Lane Day, which will happen on May 23. He was a man really ahead of his time, that's for sure! He's a short bio: Harry Lane epitomized the spirit and activism of Oregon’s progressive reform era, as a physician and public health advocate, a two-term Portland mayor, and a United States senator. He challenged injustice in the medical profession, worked for reform in public health and Indian policy, supported women’s rights, battled the power of big business and machine politics, and opposed the nation’s entrance into World War I. Lane was from a prominent Oregon Democratic family, but he followed his own political vision and created a legacy of independent progressivism in Oregon. He was an amazing man, no doubt about it! He's been part of our Living History program from the very beginning, by the way.

I did take out the garbage today and wash a load of dishes in between all my other work. It's difficult to fit in 'real life' with our work schedule, that's for sure!

And the furnace was turned off for AGES while I waited for the oil to be delivered. (Damn! I never did go 'stick' it again after delivery. My dad would kill me if he was still alive! Hahaha.) It was chilly in the house, so I bundled up to deal with it. But the poor cats were suffering and eventually squirreled away inside 'tents' to stay warm. They were both sneezing when they finally got up. I really cranked the furnace when I finally could! Hahaha.

Speaking of, here comes Henry to see what I'm up to! Sweet boy... (As I sip more coffee.)

I stubbed my toe REALLY HARD tonight. (Small toe on my left foot.) I think I tore the nail loose. Anyway, it bled like a bitch and I had a hard time getting it to stop. It really upset Marilyn. I think she was close to losing it before that, anyway, after her hard day (and hard week and several hard months). But that shook her up and she was talking about why she should think she could take two days to celebrate her birthday. Really upset. It's bad enough the weather is going to suck for the next four days (of course).

And I'm sure the cats will be bitches riding down to the beach house again. Well, they'll be way in back, because it's the only way we can stand it at all. I wish they would both get over it. Henry never used to howl like he's been doing! It's so annoying...

Marilyn discovered that the Starlight Run wasn't included in the eNewsletter, so it has to be done from scratch tomorrow. I'm going to assist with it while she's off on an appointment...

She did drop off her tax stuff today. She'd been told to gather it in an envelope and do that via phone, but when she got there the BITCH at the front desk was telling her it wasn't going to happen and she'd have to file for an extension (!!!). But Jacob (who she's used before) came down to see her and said he'd work her in, so it turned out okay.

So damn many times the people who work at front desks are just impossible to deal with, by the way! I was never like that when I worked the front desk at various jobs. I think it's horrible.

I feel like I'm leaving out a ton of things to share, but I need to get off to bed. More tomorrow, I guess.

Hopefully everything will go SMOOTHLY tomorrow and our trip to the beach house will be pleasant (and not in pouring down rain with howling cats). I want the day before her birthday to be nice for Marilyn! Just as I want her birthday to be WONDERFUL.

Goodnight friends.
April 6, 2017 (Thursday) 10:11 am (UTC)
I go way back with computers. Way before Windows. Back to dos and their lovely strings of code. Windows 10 is the best windows version yet imho. It is fairly intuitive. I never had an issue with edge at all. (I use google chrome) Google has been my best friend for a long time. lol. Since Gmail is web based I am surprised at your problem with the password for your friend and having to go to her house to change it.
April 6, 2017 (Thursday) 10:14 am (UTC)
Isn't Marilyn the head of the festival? She really seems like such a hard worker, well you both are I guess. I would think much of her job would include meeting with all different kinds of people all the time. Maybe she could delegate more so she could have some time to herself. No sense making herself sick.
April 6, 2017 (Thursday) 02:00 pm (UTC)
For my own personal use I'm very happy with Win 10 and like Kathy, have never had an issue with Edge. Firefox is my default browser and it's been fine. So, not sure what's going on with your friend's Win 10!

I hope Marilyn can relax and OUCH! Your poor toe.

April 7, 2017 (Friday) 01:33 am (UTC)
I haven't tried windows 10 yet.
But, the things I've heard are not encouraging...