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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Another Same Old, Same Old Day (Hahaha) 
work gfp, gfp work
Same stuff, different day!

It was all about IT and the festival website -- yes, again.

I did do the Oregon Jewish Museum event page for Sanctioned Events today -- and I think it turned out very nicely! Plus in my communication with our contact there, Marilyn and I were invited to their special preview event on June 8 -- which we actually believe we'll be able to attend! So we're both excited about that! (She's going to tweak my Copy tomorrow...)

Aside from that I was suffering with leg cramps a LOT today. Not screaming-out-loud cramps, but still not fun. (sigh)

I did a load of dishes...

I needed to do laundry, but didn't get to it. Hahaha.

Mainly I sat in front of my computer all day long.

Marilyn and I went shopping after work -- and I got her a couple of birthday cards. I don't have a gift for her!!! (sigh) I wish I knew what to get her! Then we had McDonald's for dinner.

Oh! I was messing with my TAGS here at LiveJournal this morning. I needed to edit a bunch. It used to be okay to have apostrophes in a word, but recently they all changed to the HTML code and look crazy. So I was changing a bunch of them. That should only take the rest of my life, considering I have thousands of tags. Hahahahahaha. Not kidding, by the way...

We're planning to head down to the beach house on Thursday afternoon.

Marilyn got almost everything ready for her taxes and will either drop it off tomorrow or Thursday morning. And she went today and renewed her driver's license -- and got a WONDERFUL photo taken!!! I'm not kidding! She got a preview copy and she looks marvelous in it. When does that ever happen???

And I ordered OIL to be delivered tomorrow. So I was thinking of going to work but need to stay home for the delivery, as you need the furnace OFF until after the oil is delivered. (And it's still TOO COLD to go all day without the heat on in the house! The poor cats would suffer.)

Marilyn has really been managing to get errands done, along with her crazy work schedule! Sometimes it's LIFE that is impossible for us -- and not work. I guess it's because work is so darn busy. Hahaha.

Well, it's late (past 2:00) and we want to head to bed, so off I go! More tomorrow (I hope).

Sleep well, everyone!
April 5, 2017 (Wednesday) 11:52 pm (UTC)
Hope the beach trip goes well!